THE-ICE Membership Benefits

THE-ICE Membership Benefits

THE-ICE is delighted to offer members of THE-ICE, which includes students and all employees, a suite of exclusive benefits. In addition to attendance at signature events and engagement with THE-ICE Quality Enhancement Cycle including benchmarking, ranking, and personalised reporting, employees and/or students of a member of THE-ICE can also access a number of exclusive courses, discounts, and other benefits offered by THE-ICE Business Alliance Partners and other strategic partners, as follows;

THE-ICE Signature Events

THE-ICE International Panel of Experts (IPoE) Forum

THE-ICE IPoE (International Panel of Experts) Forum, launched in 2005, is a unique high-level, global event focusing on the strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality, events, and culinary arts (TH&E) education. The annual IPoE Forum, the signature event of THE-ICE, addresses highly focused and cutting-edge themes, and provides an outstanding opportunity for global industry and academic experts to present and discuss opinions and approaches, and for members and non-members to network and collaborate.

THE-ICE IPoE Forums have included presentations by leading educators from Austria, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand, Korea, the UK and USA. The presentations always form the foundation of interactive and dynamic discussions.  A number of past presentations are available on the IPoE web pages (see below).

Click here to read more about THE-ICE IPoE Forum and to view a chronicle of past Forums and hosts.

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THE-ICE Roundtable Workshop Series (RWS)

THE-ICE Benchmarking Roundtable Series (BRS), initiated in 2011, complements the IPoE Forum and facilitates knowledge-sharing and the development of best-practice. Held annually and open exclusively to THE-ICE members and invited guests, the BRS focuses on specific areas of excellence, including internship, industry advisory boards, governance structures, graduate outcomes, curriculum design & development, and academic integrity.

From 2019, the Benchmarking Roundtable Series was fully integrated into the IPoE Forum as the Roundtable Workshop Series (RWS), in order to offer the opportunity for peer-to-peer sharing between a wider range of stakeholders in the education process, including education managers, educationalist and administrative staff. As such, THE-ICE RWS facilitates the dissemination of best practice and the development of new approaches and solutions to common issues and challenges.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE BRS, and to access the chronicle of past workshops.

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THE-ICE Webinar Series

THE-ICE Webinar Series provided a platform for THE-ICE member institutions to share strategies and details of how they coped with the effects of COVID-19. Members were invited to participate and share knowledge regarding institutional guidelines and responses, new learning and teaching methodologies, and ways in which students and staff were being supported through these unprecedented times. Although attendance at and participation in THE-ICE webinars is exclusive to representatives of THE-ICE member institutions, video recordings of the webinar and a transcript of key takeaways are available as a public resource.

In 2021 and going forward, THE-ICE webinar series will introduce, discuss and develop strategies and measures to ensure the effective and sustainable recovery and growth of TH&E education.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE Webinar Series, and to register for upcoming webinars.

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THE-ICE International Student Barometer and Student Barometer (ISBSB)™ Survey & Benchmarking Research

As part of THE-ICE’s commitment to significantly and sustainably enhancing the quality of higher education in tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts (TH&E), since 2007 THE-ICE has partnered with i-graduate to conduct the annual THE-ICE ISBSB Student Satisfaction Survey, monitoring and benchmarking international (ISB) and domestic (SB) student expectations and satisfaction at THE-ICE accredited member institutions.

THE-ICE provides Committed to Quality (C2Q) members with individual annual reporting of ISBSB results, enabling them to accurately monitor performance quality based on student satisfaction and to build robust, data driven strategies.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE ISBSB Student Satisfaction Survey

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THE-ICE Research Grant Scheme (RGS)

THE-ICE RGS, introduced in 2019, aims to facilitate and promote research by and between member institutions, supporting THE-ICE objective to enhance the quality of higher education in tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts (TH&E) education.

Through the RGS THE-ICE supports two research proposals annually each with grants AU$3,500. The research and outcomes generated by the supported projects are presented at the IPoE Forum of the relevant year.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE Research Grant Scheme

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THE-ICE Global Revenue Management (GRM) Challenge

THE-ICE, in association with Business Alliance Partners Russell Partnership Technology and CoStar SHARE Center, launched THE-ICE GRM Challenge in 2021, THE-ICE’s first ever global student competition.

The GRM Challenge will unite students from across THE-ICE network into teams in an innovative and exciting format that will test and develop their hospitality and tourism revenue management skills. Students will be teamed up with others from around the world with the goal of increasing international collaboration, sharing knowledge and enhancing teamworking. All entrants will be provided with access to the Russell Partnership Technology Revenue Management programme, where they will be tasked with managing the sales and revenue for a virtual hotel within a simulated environment. Each GRM team will be advised and coordinated by at least one CHIA-certified (or equivalent) academic from an accredited member institution of THE-ICE.

THE-ICE and our partners want students to take part and learn, and so are offering the best ever prize package. We are keen to reward students who do well, not just those who come out on top, so will reward all student members of the three highest placed teams.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE GRM Challenge

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THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

THE-ICE Diploma Supplement is a new Accredited Member benefit that aims to further connect THE-ICE with the graduating students from our member institutions, as well as encourage students to appreciate the immense effort their institution has undertaken to become Accredited by THE-ICE.

THE-ICE Diploma Supplement has been trialed at one of THE-ICE’s member institutions, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Students appreciate the additional certificate alongside their degree and have used THE-ICE Diploma Supplement to elevate their applications when seeking post graduate employment. THE-ICE Diploma Supplement affirms that the student has completed studying an internationally accredited programme at an internationally accredited institution.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

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THE-ICE Business Alliance & Strategic Partner benefits

Hosco alumni employability reporting

THE-ICE has partnered with Hosco to collect and provide accurate data related to alumni employability for its global network of member institutions. This information will allow members to validate their quality through confirmation of the opportunities and career paths their programmes lead to, detailing the placement success of their students and graduates, which will help THE-ICE members more effectively position themselves in the increasingly competitive higher education landscape.

In addition to tracking and benchmarking for institutions, students and alumni of THE-ICE member institutions have access to Hosco’s global community to make connections, find jobs, and stay inspired in pursuing a career in hospitality, supporting them to further expand their international placement and employment opportunities.

Click here to read more about THE-ICE’s partnership with Hosco

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Lobster Ink online industry training courses

Hosco is licensed to provide hospitality schools access to over 1,400 of Lobster Ink’s online industry training courses, used by most of the world’s top hospitality brands, to support their online education, internships and micro-certification development. Prior to their partnership with Hosco, Lobster Ink was only available to employees of hotels. Now, members of THE-ICE can utilise Lobster Ink’s practical, outcomes-based learning and training in the classroom, and to support and supplement the internship experience.

Members of THE-ICE are entitled to a minimum discount of 25% off Lobster Ink products purchased through Hosco. 

Click here to view the Lobster Ink Course Adoption Proposal

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National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) benchmarking

UK NARIC is the United Kingdom’s National Recognition Information Centre, and as such is responsible for providing information and expert opinion on academic, vocational, and professional qualifications from across the world. As a national agency managed on behalf of the United Kingdom government, UK NARIC provides the only official UK source of information on international education and training systems, and qualifications and skills attained outside the United Kingdom.

The organisation offers products and services in four main areas:

  1. Evaluation of individual qualifications
  2. Information provision services to member organisations
  3. Benchmarking and accreditation of international qualifications
  4. Benchmarking and accreditation of Transnational Education operations and TVET providers

UK NARIC offers accredited member of THE-ICE three streamlined services at tailored rates:

  1. Qualifications Benchmarking
  2. TVET – Quality Review and Accreditation
  3. TNE Quality Benchmark.

Click here to read the full UK NARIC proposal for THE-ICE Members.

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CoStar SHARE Center certifications and Train-the-Trainer sessions

CoStar SHARE Center, launched in 2011 by STR, provides higher education providers with large volumes of hotel, tourism and real estate data, as well as related resources for research, student projects, and use in the classroom.

Since 2012 CoStar SHARE Center has offered CHIA (Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics) as an industry approved qualification in data analytics which provides recognition of attaining a thorough knowledge of foundational data analytics and strategic benchmarking, essential in the industry today.

CAHTA (Certification in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Analytics) was launched in 2019 and is being offered by top schools around the world, with over 300 professors having attended TTT sessions. Built upon the CHIA foundation, the CAHTA provides comprehensive training on four popular hospitality and tourism research projects: a market study, an event impact analysis, an economic analysis, and a feasibility study.

Click here to view the schedule of upcoming CoStar SHARE Center Educator Workshops and CHIA and CAHTA Train-the Trainer Sessions in various international locations.

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Unibuddy prospective student engagement and recruitment tools

Unibuddy exists to empower students to make better decisions through shared human experience. Their mission is to enable students from across the world to make the right choice about their Higher Education journey. They provide powerful student engagement tools for admissions, recruitment and enrollment professionals, to match prospects with student ambassadors, host virtual events and gain actionable insights and analytics on prospective students. 

THE-ICE members can leverage the Unibuddy platform to connect prospective students with current students, and connect with them throughout their admissions journey. Through this partnership, members of THE-ICE are eligible for a 20% discount on the Unibuddy platform.

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