Our global network

Our global network

The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) was established in 2004 by the Australian Federal Government to develop benchmarks and promote excellence in tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E). Since becoming a not-for-profit organisation in 2008, THE-ICE has developed into a global organisation for accreditation, benchmarking, and quality enhancement in tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts (TH&E) education, with a network of 44 members in 19 countries across 4 continents. 

In recognition of the growth and diversity of available education in the TH&E domain, THE-ICE accredits public and private universities, hotel schools, institutes and vocational colleges which are committed to education excellence.

Accreditation and quality assurance are integral to institutional review processes in education. In the globally competitive education environment institutional self-review, external peer review by experts in the field, benchmarking, and ongoing quality enhancement is increasingly important, and a growing number of institutions are seeking both national and globally recognised (international) accreditation.

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