THE-ICE Webinars

THE-ICE Webinars

THE-ICE Webinar Series was created to support our member institutions through the uncertainty of the pandemic and its impact on the global TH&E industry. As our industry starts to heal, THE-ICE continues to offer the Webinar Series as an opportunity to discuss, connect, and collaborate with institutions facing similar challenges around the world. Members are also given the chance to interact directly with THE-ICE Executive Team, ask questions, and learn of the important updates happening within THE-ICE.

Please note that attendance at and participation in THE-ICE webinars is for representatives of THE-ICE member institutions only. However, recordings of these webinars will be made available here after the event.

Previous webinars

Webinar 22: Hospitality Education is in Decline – True or False?

Part 1 in the EUHOFA Hospitality Education Webinar Series – The Challenges Facing Hospitality Education

Webinar 21: The industry’s future skills needs…

Webinar 20: Future trends in the hospitality industry and the changing skills needs 


Professor Peter Jones – What skills will your business need in 5 – 10 years time?

Download the free eHotelier Report: The industry’s future skills needs.

Webinar 19: THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

Webinar 18: Sustainable Food Systems – Food Expert Talks


Dr Evelina Gillard, Sustainable Food Systems – Food Expert Talks presentation

Webinar 17: Engaging with Alumni


Amanda Wolffenbuttel – Hosco: How to Engage with Alumni Community?

Webinar 16: THE-ICE Scholarship and Research


Webinar 15: Global Hotel Industry Update – STR SHARE Center


Mr Steve Hood – Global Hotel Industry Update

Webinar 14: Supporting Students in the ‘New Normal’ Era – evolving strategies for internship, teaching and learning


Ms Elina Sperth – The Industry PRO-ject

Dr Joy Sheelah Baraero Era – Tourism Education Resilience: FEU-ITHM Experience

Mr Dennis Petersen – Practical Education During & After COVID

Webinar 13: THE-ICE Member Benefits


Mr Peter Russell – THE-ICE Global Revenue Management Challenge

Webinar 12: Best Practice for Collaborative Research


Professor Tom Baum – Research Collaboration in Hospitality and Tourism

Associate Professor Dr Rajka Presbury – Customer and Service Experiences Research Cluster @ BMIHMS

Webinar 11: Hotel Industry in Recovery – STR SHARE Center


Mr Steve Hood – THE-ICE End of Year Industry Update presentation

Webinar 10: 30 Minute Talks: Surviving COVID – What Can Institutions and Educators offering Hospitality Do Now?

Even with a vaccine, the reality is that COVID-19 is going to be with us for a long time to come. Not only have hospitality, tourism and events industries been the most impacted, but so has tertiary education. The reality is that there will be ‘New Normals’ for both education and the hospitality & tourism industries – and these will not look like the ‘Old Normal’ of 2019. Looking to the future, how can members of THE-ICE be better prepared for the coming changes?

Webinar 9: Managing Staff and Virtual Teams in an Online Workplace


Dr Paul Whitelaw – Southern Cross University – Managing Staff and Virtual Teams in an Online Workplace

Webinar 8: The ‘Tricky Bits’ of Curriculum Management During the Crisis: internships/placements and practical classes.


Ms Olivia Turner – Dubai College of Tourism – The ‘Tricky Bits’ of Curriculum Management During the Crisis: internships/placements and practical classes

Webinar 7: Tourism and hospitality after the pandemic: exploring the effects of COVID-19 and its impact on TH&E industries and higher education


Mr Tony Gothard – Impact of and reaction to COVID-19 of Luxury Escapes, and the future of education

Mr Steve Hood – COVID-19 hotel industry update for THE-ICE

Webinar 6: HELI webinar – Fundamental Principles of Online Teaching and Learning

Webinar 5: Supporting staff and colleagues through COVID-19


Ms Jane Gentle – A Human Resource Perspective

Professor Marcus Stephenson – Steps to support students, a case illustration from Sunway University (Malaysia)

Professor Jane Ali-Knight – Tips for Surviving Lockdown and Staying Well and Healthy

Webinar 4: Online Simulations and Certification Training, Russell Partnership Technology & STR SHARE Center


Mr Peter Russell – Russell Partnership Technology

Mr Steve Hood – STR SHARE Center

Webinar 3: Alternative approaches to assessment and examination under COVID-19


Dr Mieke Witsel – Constructive alignment & effective assessment design in a pandemic landscape

Ms Julia Caldicott – Work Integrated Learning Amazing Locations

Mr David Hayes – Jungle Cat online assessment platform

Webinar 2: Alternative approaches to teaching delivery under COVID-19 (apps and simulations from the perspective of providers & users)


Russell Partnership Technology – COVID 19 Response Plan

Assistance from STR SHARE Center – Supporting Hotel-related Academic Research and Education

Webinar 1: HELI webinar COVID-19 and Online Teaching & Learning