Launch of THE-ICE Diploma Supplement!

Launch of THE-ICE Diploma Supplement!

On Wednesday 8th March 2023 THE-ICE CEO, Dr Craig Thompson, announced THE-ICE’s newest initiative, THE-ICE Diploma Supplement! Representatives from 8 THE-ICE member institutions across 8 countries joined THE-ICE Webinar Series 19: THE-ICE Diploma Supplement to launch the new Accredited Member benefit and discuss how the Diploma Supplement is intended to be used within THE-ICE member institutions.

The following key takeaways were highlighted throughout the discussion:

Motivation for creating THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

  • Members of THE-ICE Board and Executive Team attend many annual conferences and events hosted by the academic community and quality assurance (QA) industry, and as a result, THE-ICE is becoming increasingly recognised worldwide.
  • THE-ICE aims to extend this recognition to different audiences, specifically the tourism, hospitality, events, and culinary arts (TH&E) industry, as well as alumni and current students of THE-ICE member institutions.
    • THE-ICE has started to increase recognition in the TH&E industry with the efforts made to contact and connect with alumni.
    • THE-ICE Global Revenue Management (GRM) Challenge was launched in 2021 and is held annually as a way to connect with current students.
  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement is a new initiative that aims to further connect THE-ICE with the graduating students from THE-ICE institutions.
  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement is a tangible representation of their programme and institution’s international accreditation, and encourages students to appreciate the immense efforts that their institution has undertaken to successfully become accredited by THE-ICE.

Trial of THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement has been trialled at one of THE-ICE’s member institutions in The Netherlands.
  • The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the trial has been considered successful.
    • Students appreciate the additional certificate alongside their degree.
    • Students have used THE-ICE Diploma Supplement to elevate their applications when seeking post graduate employment.
    • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement affirms that the student has completed studying an internationally accredited programme, at an internationally accredited institution.
  • It was also found that THE-ICE Diploma Supplement was produced and distributed effectively by the institution.

Usage and distribution of THE-ICE Diploma Supplement

  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement is an optional member benefit to be used professionally at the institution’s discretion.
  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement can only be granted to students who have completed one of THE-ICE Accredited Programmes.
  • Institutions will be responsible for the administrative duties relating to THE-ICE Diploma Supplement, including:
    • Populating the student’s information into the document.
    • Printing THE-ICE Diploma Supplement to compliment the graduating certificate.
    • Distribute accordingly to students at time of graduation.
  • THE-ICE Diploma Supplement will be circulated to THE-ICE Accredited institutions in A4 size. If your institution requires a different size or format, please contact THE-ICE Executive Team.
  • It is suggested that THE-ICE Diploma Supplement is printed on the same paper as the graduating certificate.
  • Dr Craig Thompson confirmed that THE-ICE Diploma Supplement can be backdated by request, given that the date does not precede the initial accreditation date of the institution or programme.

The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

Click here to view the list of Accredited Programmes applicable to THE-ICE Diploma Supplement.