Accreditation and Quality Assurance


Accreditation and institutional review have become integral to quality assurance processes in education. In the globally competitive higher education environment, the importance of institutional self-review, peer review by experts in the field, benchmarking, and best practice have never been more important.

Institutions are increasingly seeking both national and globally recognised international programme accreditations. Accreditation has become an accepted and important process to undertake in the globalised world of education and accreditation is widely regarded as an independent ‘mark of quality’ by prospective international students and other institutions.

There are two (2) THE-ICE Membership categories:

  1. Members of THE-ICE (accredited members)
  2. Associates of THE-ICE (non-accredited members)

Click here for details of THE-ICE Membership Schedule.

THE-ICE Accreditation Process

Institutions seeking accreditation of their TH&E (tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts) education programmes and membership of THE-ICE must meet THE-ICE Standards of Excellence.

The process involves two stages: Pre-accreditation and Accreditation.


The first step in the Pre-accreditation process is the completion of an Institutional Profile, which will be evaluated by THE-ICE Executive Team. If the applicant institution meets the Standards of Excellence and membership criteria, they will be invited to apply as an Accredited Member in the first instance.

In the event that the applicant institution does not, or does not yet, meet the criteria and Standards, they may be invited to apply as an Observer of THE-ICE, where they will be supported by THE-ICE to apply for Accredited Membership within three (3) years.


Accreditation involves the completion of the THE-ICE Accreditation Application, a self-review document with a focus on self-reflection in addressing THE-ICE Standards of Excellence, which is assessed by independent auditors of THE-ICE Assessment Panel.

Auditors will conduct a site audit, visiting the campus of the applicant institution to verify the claims made in the Accreditation Application. This site visit will include inspections of campus facilities by THE-ICE auditors as well as observation and meetings with the applicant institution’s teaching staff, administrative support staff, students, alumni, industry advisory board and all relevant stakeholders. The auditors will prepare and deliver a Site Audit Report to the applicant institution for comments upon completion.

With the approval of the applicant institution, the Accreditation Assessment Report and Site Audit Report are presented to THE-ICE Board of Directors. With the approval of THE-ICE Board, the applicant institution is invited to become a Member of THE-ICE. As a Member, programmes are accredited for a minimum period of five years, after which Re-accreditation is required to maintain accreditation and membership of THE-ICE.

Once approved as a Member, institutions operating as part of an ‘education group’ may be eligible to nominate Affiliate Members from within the same group, subject to the relevant criteria being met.

Please visit Application Procedure for Accreditation & Membership of THE-ICE for more detailed information.

THE-ICE Standards of Excellence

Our Standards of Excellence are reviewed regularly in keeping with global accreditation standards.  THE-ICE Standards of Excellence focus on the following key areas:

  1. Status of the institution
  2. Governance & administration
  3. Vision, mission & objectives
  4. Courses/ programmes, curriculum & graduate outcomes
  5. Approach to teaching & learning
  6. Planning, programme review & quality assurance mechanisms
  7. Level of internationalisation
  8. Physical resources & facilities
  9. Student support services
  10. Industry advisory board
  11. Staffing resources
  12. Financial resources
  13. Memberships, partnerships, community engagement & social responsibility
  14. ‘Areas of Excellence’

See THE-ICE Standards of Excellence webpage for further details

Accreditation Support for Member Institutions

Unlike traditional accreditation agencies, recognising and assuring excellence is only part of the service that THE-ICE offers its members. While THE-ICE aims to assure institutional quality through programme accreditation, it is also committed to promoting and developing excellence through THE-ICE ISBSB, the provision of annual signature events, and fostering scholarly activity in and among its members, as well as supporting and developing global quality assurance through partnerships and engagement with regional, national, and international quality assurance agencies.

THE-ICE is committed to benchmarking and the promotion of quality assurance in education, as well as to delivering value for both educators and future students through the following strategic activities:

  • Hosting of knowledge-sharing platforms for educators and industry professionals to address current trends, issues and challenges confronting the sectors, including annual signature events the THE-ICE International Panel of Experts (IPoE) Forum and Roundtable Workshop Series.
  • Providing invaluable insights to member institutions through annual THE-ICE ISB-SB (International Student Barometer and Student Barometer™) Student Satisfaction Survey, which includes reporting and results regarding what is important to students, their decision-making processes, and the level of their satisfaction in key areas of study experience including arrival, learning, living, and support.
  • Recognising outstanding contributors to the fields of TH&E (tourism, hospitality, leisure, events and culinary arts) education, training and research through conferral of the Fellow of THE-ICE Awards.