Friends of THE-ICE

Friends of THE-ICE

Friends of THE-ICE encompasses organisations that THE-ICE chooses to support and recognise, offering support, promotion, input, and advice in a reciprocal manner. 

30 Minute Talks

30 Minute Talks is a series of weekly webinars addressing topical issues facing the tourism and hospitality industries, featuring interactive presentations, invited guest speakers, and insightful commentary. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic Professor Perry Hobson, Dr Andy Nazarechuk, and Mr Alan Williams identified the need for quality online hospitality and tourism education. The primary audience of 30 Minute Talks is hospitality and tourism students who wish to benefit from timely, relevant, and insightful views about the future of the industry. 30 Minute Talks also seeks to bring together students and educators from universities around the world who can share their perspectives and views with one another. Presentations are conducted by different presenters in short 12-minute slots and are highly visual and informative, allowing for effective use in the classroom or online.  

In keeping with the theme of high interactivity for students, 30 Minute Talks conducts interactive polls to provide direct feedback to students regarding their thoughts on a particular question, conducts regular surveys, and rewards Academic Partner students with a Certificate of Attendance for each webinar they attend. Students are encouraged to participate at each session by asking questions directly within the webinar format, and Academic Partners are invited to record student questions to be used directly in the programme. 30 Minute Talks also offers advice and creative ideas on internships, global mobility, becoming a self-directed learner, preparing for the world of work, and understanding new and emerging employment opportunities.

For more information please visit the 30 Minute Talks website.