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The Food Expert Team of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is pioneering the Food Expert Talks videos, in partnership with Saxion University of Applied Sciences and as part of THE-ICE community of practice focused on “’Sustainable Food Systems”, suggesting a roadmap for enhancing sustainability through food.

The Food Expert Talks is a translational research project, aiming to translate academic knowledge based on published research into practical recommendations. The Expert Talks are peer-reviewed communications in video and written presentation formats, which typically include a career researcher holding a PhD presenting the theory, a lecturer connecting theory to practice, and a practitioner bringing out real-life insights, as well as a talk presenter guiding the talk towards lessons learned.

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The Expert Talks team is eager to expand this concept to other Expert Talk areas of entrepreneurship and management in hospitality, tourism, and service industry. Contributors and peer reviewers are welcome! Questions about Food Expert Talks proposals should be addressed to Giuseppina Menconi via

Food Expert Talks

To Save the Planet, Have A Tiramisu: Contribution of the Mediterranean Food Culture to Workplace Well-being

The Food Expert Talks team

Bastienne Bernasco, MA, MSc

THE-ICE Sustainable Food System community founder and manager
Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Dr Evelina Gillard

Expert Talk Concept Founder
Head of Research and Research Faculty, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Switzerland

Dr Giuseppina Menconi

Talk Presenter and Food Expert
Research Faculty, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Switzerland

Lynda Pasmore

Co-creator of Food Expert Team, THE-ICE “Sustainable Food System” community
Lecturer in Gastronomy and Nutrition, Culinary Arts Academy, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland