Associates & Observers

Associates & Observers

Associates of THE-ICE

Associates of THE-ICE are institutions whose TH&E education programmes have met THE-ICE Standards of Excellence for Pre-accreditation. Associates of THE-ICE can proceed with an application for Accreditation at any time during the 3-year validity period.

Far Eastern University, Philippines

(FEU) was first established in 1928 and is recognised as one of the leading universities in the Philippines. Far Eastern University continuously challenges itself to raise the bar of excellence to achieve a top-tier status not only in the Philippines but also in the South East Asian region.

Observers of THE-ICE

Observers of THE-ICE are reputable institutions who offer TH&E education programmes and have joined THE-ICE global network in order to “observe” the range of strategic activities THE-ICE undertakes, prior to seeking Pre-accreditation or Accreditation of their programmes.

THE-ICE Accreditation & Membership

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