What we do

What we do acnc_logo

THE-ICE is a not-for-profit international accreditation agency. Originally funded by the Australian government (2004-2008), THE-ICE is now a global network of leading quality TH&E (tourism, hospitality and events) institutions.

With the guidance of our Board of Directors, THE-ICE undertakes strategic activities including conference and workshop events that are open to our global network as well as other interested individuals or organisations in TH&E fields.

The annual THE-ICE IPoE (International Panel of Experts) Forums focus on strategic issues facing TH&E education. Each IPoE Forum has a highly focused theme, and leading experts from around the world come together to speak on issues surrounding TH&E education, accreditation, benchmarking and the development of best practice.

Our global network of institutions also engage in our annual BRS (Benchmarking Roundtable Series) workshop events. Each focusing on a specific topic, our BRS workshops encourage the sharing of knowledge. Offering educators and administrative staff from participating institutions an opportunity to gain insight into the practices of peer institutions, alternative and new approaches are shared to identify and develop best-practice models and to collectively identify solutions to common issues being faced.

  • Programme accreditation
  • Cross-institutional Benchmarking
  • Promotion of THE-ICE accredited programmes & education excellence
  • Development of quality assurance in TH&E education