Scholarship and Research

Scholarship and Research

The vision of THE-ICE is to significantly and sustainably enhance the quality of higher education in tourism, hospitality, events, and culinary arts (TH&E) globally, and this includes the promotion and development of excellence in and among member institutions by fostering scholarly activity.

In order to achieve this vision, THE-ICE will support and promote research and other scholarly activity (which could include professional development, and the development of new technologies and methods or uses) related to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in TH&E education globally.

This support is provided, in part, through the annual award of THE-ICE Research Grant Scheme (RGS), which funds, facilitates, and promotes relevant research by and amongst THE-ICE member institutions. However, in the interest of further enhancing the quality of TH&E higher education, THE-ICE has created a LinkedIn group for members to share relevant completed research, to share and discuss relevant research ideas, and to seek assistance or possible collaborations for relevant research projects.

Where the RGS is designed to encourage and support relevant research, while generating research outcomes that stimulate member interaction and provide tangible benefits to member institutions, THE-ICE Scholarship and Research group provides a platform for academics and researchers to connect, share relevant completed research and new ideas, and potentially find assistance or collaborators for their new or ongoing projects.

We understand that many of our member institutions are seeking to bolster research and scholarly activity, and the creation of this platform is another way in which THE-ICE seeks to assist and support our members in facilitating collaboration, as well as enabling the sharing of knowledge and resources.

If you are interested in joining THE-ICE on LinkedIn to share your research, find collaborators, and be inspired by your peers and colleagues, please contact