THE-ICE Events

With the guidance of our Board of Directors, THE-ICE undertakes strategic activities including hosting events that are open to our global network as well as other interested individuals or organisations in the tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts (TH&E) fields.

THE-ICE International Panel of Experts (IPoE) Forum

THE-ICE annual IPoE Forums (International Panel of Experts) offers a series of high-level events focusing on strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts (TH&E) education. Each IPoE Forum, open to members and non-members, has a highly focused theme, with leading experts from around the world invited to speak on issues surrounding TH&E education, accreditation, benchmarking, and the development of best practice.

Attendance to THE-ICE IPoE Forums provides an ideal platform to bridge research, education and industry to individuals within TH&E, and attendees include researchers and educators, postgraduate and advanced undergraduate students, industry professionals in hospitality, tourism and events.

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THE-ICE Webinar Series

On Thursday 26 March 2020, THE-ICE held their first webinar for members to discuss THE-ICE COVID-19 and Online teaching & learning. The webinar was organised to support THE-ICE members with sharing information relating to how individual member institutions are coping with, or handling the effects of COVID-19 in each of their home countries, as well as THE-ICE outlining its response to COVID-19 and the changes that are anticipated for the remainder of 2020. Members were invited to participate and share knowledge about institutional guidelines that have been put in place, new learning and teaching methodologies being implemented and ways in which students are being supported through these very difficult times.

THE-ICE Business Alliance Partner Higher Education Leadership Institute (HELI) is pleased to offer current and topical members to  members of THE-ICE, covering a range of topics including:

  • Teaching and learning in the online space
  • Higher education course development and review
  • Scholarship in higher education
  • Best practices in higher education teaching and learning

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Roundtable Workshop Series

Formerly the Benchmarking Roundtable Series, THE-ICE’s annual workshop event has expanded in scope to become the Roundtable Workshop Series (RWS), providing an opportunity for collegial sharing and peer support between educators and researchers from vocational, private, and higher education sectors, as well as industry and government representatives. Each of these events is focused on a specific topic, and encourages the sharing of knowledge as it relates to the development of best practice models. These events offer educators, researchers, and administrative staff from participating institutions an opportunity to gain insight into the practices of peer institutions, to learn about alternative and new approaches, to identify and develop best practice models, and to collectively identify solutions to common issues being faced.

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