THE-ICE partners with Hosco to benchmark members’ placement success

THE-ICE partners with Hosco to benchmark members’ placement success

THE-ICE has joined forces with Hosco, the hospitality network, to provide its member institutions worldwide with data that will detail the placement success of their students and graduates. This new and unique partnership supports the mission of THE-ICE to significantly and sustainably enhance higher education quality in tourism, hospitality, and events (TH&E) globally and adds another valuable benefit to THE-ICE membership.

THE-ICE has partnered with Hosco to collect and provide accurate data related to alumni employability for its global network of member institutions. The inputs gathered will enable THE-ICE members to monitor their placement effectiveness in detail, track their graduates’ career development, and benchmark their employability practices among other THE-ICE members. Hosco’s technology will permit THE-ICE members to collect critical information about their students and alumni employment status, including role, department, and job location, to further improve their hospitality programs and employment offers.

Powered by Hosco’s technology, THE-ICE members will be able to keep track of their students’ and alumni’s employment status, role, department, and job location, among other information, enabling them to map their career development. The inputs gathered will generate time-series data reports allowing members to monitor and benchmark their placement activities’ efficacy in order to keep improving their employment strategies.

“THE-ICE is the only global quality assurance agency that tracks the performance of its members annually, currently based on student satisfaction. This partnership with Hosco provides a new and critical perspective, enabling us to assess and monitor ongoing quality through placement and graduate employment,” said Dr Craig Thompson, CEO, THE-ICE.

The partnership will enable members of THE-ICE, for the first time, to validate their quality through detailing the opportunities and career paths their programmes lead to. In essence, the partnership means THE-ICE can ensure that member institutions not only deliver quality during their programmes but, critically, that they deliver quality through their programmes. This information will help THE-ICE members more effectively position themselves in the increasingly competitive higher education landscape.

“Through this partnership, THE-ICE is able to provide yet another added benefit to its members: benchmarked and individual alumni employability reports,” said John Lohr, Director of Development at Hosco, who also emphasised that, “Hosco will help the schools to best fulfill the core promise they make to all students when they start: come to us, receive an excellent education, and enjoy a successful career.”

Besides offering the benefits of tracking and benchmarking, Hosco, the professional network specializing in hospitality, will support THE-ICE global network of member institutions in further expanding their international placement opportunities. Their students and alumni will have access to Hosco’s global community to make connections, find jobs, and stay inspired in pursuing a career in hospitality.

About Hosco

Hosco, the hospitality network, empowers the hospitality industry by connecting, inspiring, and providing opportunities to all its professionals around the globe.

Founded in 2011, headquartered in Geneva and with offices in Barcelona and Dubai, Hosco currently connects hundreds of thousands of professionals with thousands of first-class companies worldwide. For the industry, it offers an ever-growing pool of the world’s best talent through its partnerships with top hospitality schools across all continents. Also, for hospitality schools, it provides career and alumni management solutions, which gives them access to international employment opportunities, connections, and industry insights.

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