Our vision, mission, history & constitution

Our vision, mission, history & constitutionacnc_logo

Our Vision

Significantly and sustainably enhance the quality of higher education in tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) globally. 

Our Mission

THE-ICE strives to achieve its Vision by:

  • Assuring institutional quality, through;
    • Programme accreditation 
    • Annual student satisfaction benchmarking and ranking
  • Promoting and developing excellence in and amongst members institutions, through;
    • Annual signature events 
    • Fostering scholarly activity 
    • Facilitating quality improvement cycles
  • Supporting and facilitating the development of global quality assurance, through;
    • Partnering with national and regional quality assurance agencies 
    • Engaging with global quality assurance networks 

Our History

The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) was established in 2004 and initially funded by the Australian Government, as one of five international centres of excellence, with the objective to promote Australian education. In 2008 the Government seed funding concluded and THE-ICE was transformed into a not-for-profit international accreditation and quality assurance agency.

Over the past 12 years, THE-ICE is proud to have developed a global membership network of 37 higher education institutions, comprising public and private universities, vocational institutions and private hotel schools, from 19 countries across 4 continents (Australia/Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America). THE-ICE success is attributed to our reputation for the positive and collegial approach we take towards accreditation, ongoing member engagement and support provided to member institutions.

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THE-ICE Constitution

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