THE-ICE Membership & Accreditation

Membership of THE-ICE is gained via accreditation of institutions’ TH&E (tourism, hospitality and events) education programmes by THE-ICE.  Accreditation requires meeting THE-ICE Standards of Excellence.

THE-ICE accreditation process involves two stages: a) Pre-accreditation and b) Accreditation.

Following completion of an application Proforma, a site audit and evaluation will be conducted by registered auditor/s from the Independent THE-ICE Assessment Panel, followed by peer review by THE-ICE Board of Directors.

Upon successful completion of the Pre-accreditation process, or the Fast Track Process for qualifying institutions, the institution will be invited to join the network as an Associate of THE-ICE.  Within the three year validity of Pre-accreditation, Associates of THE-ICE may apply for Full Accreditation and become a Full Member of THE-ICE.  As a Full Members, programmes are accredited for a period of five years after which Re-accreditation is required.

In brief, the accreditation process steps include:

  • Self-review
  • Evaluation
  • Site visit
  • Peer review
  • On-going benchmarking

Fully Accredited Members of THE-ICE that may operate as part of an ‘education group’ may be entitled to nominate other members of their education group as Affiliate Full Members, subject to the relevant criteria being met.

Please see our Accreditation and Membership Application Procedure webpage for further details