THE-ICE welcomes EHL SSTH as its newest Accredited Member!

THE-ICE welcomes EHL SSTH as its newest Accredited Member!

THE-ICE is delighted to welcome EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality, Switzerland, as the newest Accredited C2Q Member of THE-ICE network. The addition of EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality (SSTH), which has been part of THE-ICE global network as an Associate of THE-ICE since 2018, sees THE-ICE membership grow to include 35 members, of which 24 are accredited institutions, in 17 countries.

Established in 1966, EHL SSTH has been synonymous with outstanding vocational education and exemplary Swiss hospitality for over 55 years. As one of Switzerland’s most recognised hotel management schools, EHL SSTH offers professional hospitality programs with a contemporary, immersive approach that prepares graduates to create amazing guest experiences.

The EHL SSTH Campus Passugg comes with breathtaking views of the mountains and surroundings of Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland. Over 400 students are enrolled at the Passugg campus and attend classes within the main building, a former Spa Hotel founded in 1883. This campus includes five different restaurants that students rotate through during their training, learning various types of dining and cuisines. There is also a demonstration kitchen with a dedicated pastry area, as well as The Elysium, a multisensory restaurant experience where students learn to use animations, projections, sound, and scent effects to stimulate all five senses and create an extraordinary gastronomic performance.

Click here to visit the EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality website for more information about the institution, including the courses and training they offer.

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