THE-ICE Global Revenue Management (GRM) Challenge 2021 launches!

THE-ICE Global Revenue Management (GRM) Challenge 2021 launches!

It’s time to come together, to share and develop knowledge and experiences…to collectively build something for the future of our students & staff…to put our training and talents to the test…and do battle for the best prizes that have ever been offered to hospitality and tourism students!

It is time for THE-ICE Global Revenue Management (GRM) Challenge 2021!

THE-ICE, in association with Russell Partnership Technology and STR SHARE Center, is delighted to announce the launch of our first ever global student competition, exclusively for students of THE-ICE accredited member institutions.

The Big Idea

The GRM Challenge will unite students from across THE-ICE network into teams in an innovative and exciting format that will test and develop their hospitality and tourism revenue management skills. Students will be teamed up with others from around the world with the goal of increasing international collaboration, sharing knowledge and enhancing teamworking. Teams will comprise 4 or 6 students, from 2 or 3 institutions. All entrants will be provided with access to the Russell Partnership Technology Revenue Management programme, where they will be tasked with managing the sales and revenue for a virtual hotel within a simulated environment.

Supporting Learning and Certification

The Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA) is not only an industry recognised qualification, it is the best way to prepare for the competition. So, in order to create a level playing field, at least one member of each team in the GRM Challenge will have to be CHIA certified. However, because the competition provides a stimulus for students to take CHIA and a fantastic practical application of the skills learnt, THE-ICE has agreed to supplement the cost of this certification for team members, reducing the rate from $75 USD to just $50 USD! 

Supporting Professional Development

Each GRM team will be advised and coordinated by at least one academic from an accredited member institution of THE-ICE. All faculty advisers will need to be CHIA certified. But, to encourage and support non CHIA certified staff to get involved, STR SHARE Center are offering free train-the-trainer sessions for staff who wish to gain certification. Trained and certified staff can then offer CHIA training to GRM team members, supported by a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, videos and online training. There is a CHIA train-the-trainer session starting on 6th April and another starting later in May. Contact for more info or to register.

The Best Ever Prize Package

THE-ICE and our partners want your students to take part and learn… and so are offering the best ever prize package. We are also keen to reward students who do well, not just those who come out on top, so will reward all members of the three highest placed teams;

  • 3rd Place – All members of the team will receive a place on the Hospitality Business Acumen (HBA) Certificate programme offered by Russell Partnership Technology.
  • 2nd Place – All members of the team will receive a place on the Certification in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Industry Analytics (CAHTA) offered by STR SHARE Center AND a place on the Hospitality Business Acumen (HBA) Certificate programme.
  • 1st Place – All members of the team will receive a $AUS1500 study bursary, AND a place on the Certification in Advanced Hospitality and Tourism Industry Analytics (CAHTA) AND a place on the Hospitality Business Acumen (HBA) Certificate programme.


April – Institutions submit expressions of interest and the details of the staff who will act as the GRM team coordinator and adviser.

May – Institutions provide THE-ICE with details of the students wishing to compete (a maximum of 10 students per institution can participate in 2021).

June – Registrations are closed and THE-ICE will organise students into teams of 4 or 6, from 2 or 3 institutions respectively.

July-September – Teams are provided with access details and battle commences! Teams have a maximum of two opportunities to undertake the Challenge, which they can complete at any stage during the ‘competition window’.

October – The winning teams are announced at THE-ICE 14th IPoE Forum (25th – 29th October).

What now?

Institutions that wish to engage in the competition are asked to provide the details (names, positions, contact details) of members of staff/academics who are willing to coordinate the competition within their institution and to act as GRM Advisers during the competition window. Please indicate whether the staff proposed are currently CHIA certified or not, so that training can be arranged if required.

Please provide details to THE-ICE Project Coordinator, Ms Elise Lawrence ( on or before Friday 17th April 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the GRM Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact Elise or Jane (

The GRM is our chance to pull together and build something good for the benefit of our students and staff, so we call on all our members to engage and support this initiative.