THE-ICE 1st IPoE Forum 2005

THE-ICE 1st IPoE Forum 2005

Critical Issues and Future Directions of Tourism and Hospitality Education

November, 2005

Hosted at Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Australia

THE-ICE IPoE (International Panel of Experts) Forums were established to offer a series of high-level events focusing on current strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) education, as well as extensive networking opportunities. The events are open to members and non-members of THE-ICE, and feature a series of invited presentation panel sessions by leading tourism and hospitality educators and industry experts within the region and internationally.

The inaugural International Panel of Experts Forum was held in November, 2005 at the Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast Australia. A series of panel-focused sessions and presentations gave some futuristic insights into the international student experience, rethinking TH&E education and engaging with industry links.

Invited speakers included Professor Pauline Sheldon, University of Hawaii, USA; Professor Kaye Chon, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, SAR-China; Professor Chris Cooper, University of Queensland, Australia; Clive Robertson, Oxford Brookes University and HLSTE, UK; Derrick Casey, Regency Institute of TAFE, Australia; and Professor John Tribe, University of Surrey, UK.