Institut Paul Bocuse evolves to become Institut Lyfe!

Institut Paul Bocuse evolves to become Institut Lyfe!

Institut Paul Bocuse, an international professional school of management, hospitality, foodservice and culinary arts, has announced a new name and identity to embody its strategic objectives: Institut Lyfe.

In line with the institution’s international objectives and positioning, a new identity has been adopted that embodies the modernity, innovation, and uniqueness of Institut Lyfe. Short, inclusive and international, this new name reaffirms the origins of the institute, its roots in Lyon – capital of gastronomy and the French “art of living” since 1935 – and reflects the school’s broad reach, dedicated to the reinvention of tradition.

This year, as part of its €25-million expansion and investment project, Institut Lyfe is opening a new center dedicated to the hospitality industry and management courses. This new campus complements the historic campus dedicated to the Culinary Arts, which will be called Paul Bocuse campus, each campus referring to and paying tribute to the two founders of the school.

The ambition of Institut Lyfe is to strengthen its position among the leading management schools in culinary arts and hospitality worldwide, while maintaining its identity as a professional school and offering its innate French flair to students from all over the world. 

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