Food Expert Talks is launched to THE-ICE member network

Food Expert Talks is launched to THE-ICE member network

Representatives from 9 THE-ICE member institutions across 8 countries joined THE-ICE Webinar Series 18: Sustainable Food Systems – Food Expert Talks to launch a new transnational research opportunity and discuss ways in which THE-ICE members can get involved.

On Wednesday 14th September 2022 the Food Expert Talks team, Dr Evelina Gillard, Ms Bastienne Bernasco, Dr Giuseppina Menconi, and Ms Lynda Pasmore, joined THE-ICE CEO Dr Craig Thompson to introduce this collaborative project to a network of people who are interested in sustainable food systems.

Sustainable Food Systems – Food Expert Talks is a collaboration from Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, supported by THE-ICE. This project aims to translate academic knowledge based on published research into practical recommendations. The Expert Talks are peer-reviewed communications in video and written presentation formats, with a reference list incorporated for students and academics who wish to conduct further research. The Expert Talks typically comprise of a career researcher holding a PhD presenting the theory, a lecturer connecting theory to practice, and a practitioner bringing out real-life insights, as well as a talk presenter guiding the talk towards lessons learned.

The first instalment of Food Expert Talks is titled “To Save the Planet, Have A Tiramisu: Contribution of the Mediterranean Food Culture to Workplace Well-being”, and is available for viewing on THE-ICE website. Three (3) contributors came together to discuss how businesses can enhance their employee physical and mental well-being through nutrition, by viewing a philosophical perspective, understanding the key characteristics of a Mediterranean diet, and reviewing the practical ways in which employers can make positive changes in the workplace by incorporating more plant-forward foods.

Ms Lynda Pasmore commended the process of creating the first Food Expert Talks video, describing the project as time manageable due to the contributors only focusing on one theoretical concept. She also detailed how her involvement in the project has assisted her in further teachings. Dr Giuseppina Menconi agreed with these statements, and explained that her students relate to and enjoy the real world examples as it helps them better understand the overall concept.

The Food Expert Talks team are looking for members of THE-ICE network who are interested in contributing to this project. There are two (2) ways to start collaborating on Sustainable Food Systems – Food Expert Talks:

  1. Reach out to your own network to find a PhD holder, a lecturer and a practitioner interested in collaborating on a chosen topic (teams of 3-4).
  2. Reach out to the Food Expert Talks team as they can connect you with individuals or established teams undertaking similar research topics.

Proposals and questions are to be submitted to Dr Giuseppina Menconi via Those interested in reviewing the proposals and providing impartial feedback are also encouraged to get in touch with the Food Expert Talks team. Students are not permitted to join the collaboration, as the project maintains credibility by presenting knowledge from PhD holders and lecturers, however, students with at least five years of experience as a practitioner may be considered.

The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

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