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THE-ICE 17th IPoE Forum 2024

7th – 9th November 2024

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Al Jazi Tower, Zone: 60, Street: 850, Building: 20, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Qatar may be a compact country, but it has an immense history and rich culture that spans centuries. Once sparsely inhabited, Qatar is now one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a growing population of around 2.8. million people. The Gulf nation is a melting pot that’s home to a huge expat population- around 160 nationalities in total. Qatari nationals make up only 8% of the total population.

With more than 560 km of coastline that frames the windswept desert, it’s home to beaches, lagoons, the other-worldly Inland Sea, and mangrove islands that thrive in the salty Gulf Waters, where pearl divers and fishermen have made their livelihoods for centuries. It’s also one of the few places in the world where the desert meets the sea.

Qatar is a destination that offers novel, authentic experiences.  Here are some tips that will help better navigate the local culture and fully enjoy your time in Qatar.

Popular Tourist Destinations

Aspire Zone Foundation

Aspire Zone offers endless opportunities for families and visitors, including two on-site hotels, The Torch Doha Hotel and Al Aziziyah Boutique hotel, both of which are situated just a few minutes’ walk from the Venetian inspired Villaggio Mall. This is a one-stop family friendly destination offering activities from shopping, quick bites and leisurely meals, movies, and indoor theme parks. 

Education City

This is Doha’s centre for research and home to many university campuses, the Qatar National Library, Qatar Foundation, and Education City Stadium. It’s a green expanse with a golf course and is easily explored by tram, by foot or by car.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is a family-friendly waterfront area nestled between the golden stretch of Katara Beach and the green peaks of Katara Hills. There is a Greek-inspired amphitheater, museum, and shopping mall, plus shops, restaurants and the Tasty Street outdoor food market. Explore Katara Mosque and the iconic cone-shaped Pigeon Towers that were designed to collect pigeon droppings to use for fertilizer on local farms.

Lusail City

Dubbed ‘Future City’, Lusail is a newly developed district that is the showpiece in Qatar Vision’s 2030 sustainable development plan. The Future City includes the gleaming Lusail Stadium, the Parisian-inspired Place Vendome Shopping Mall, and the Lusail marina waterfront.

Msheireb Downtown Doha

While modern, the architecture of Msheireb is inspired by Qatar’s heritage – its proportion, simplicity, space, light, layering, and response to the country’s climate. The entire project aims to reverse the pattern of energy-hungry development in Doha. Msheireb Downtown will also house the Doha Design District, a cultural hub for regional and international talent.

The Pearl Island

The Pearl Qatar is a fascinating man-made island that sits on four million square meters of reclaimed land. Known for its hotels, variety of charming cafes and restaurants, iconic marina, and luxury boutiques, it is a popular residential area with a lavish community lifestyle. 

Qatar National Library

The Heritage Library has a vast collection of rare documents and manuscripts, books and periodicals in several European languages.  It holds an array of over one million books and more than 500,000 e-books, and showcases early Arabic materials, including manuscripts, atlases, and historical photographs. Some of the rarest books date from the 15th century, the earliest days of the printing press.

Souq Waqif

This ancient marketplace was masterfully redeveloped to maintain its original 19th-century look. The visitors will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant alleys to find the best vendors and deals, while learning about Qatari culture and history along the way. Souq Waqif is one of the most distinct cultural attractions to explore in Qatar and a perfect encapsulation of local culture.

Natural Experiences:

Beautiful Beaches

With over 563 km of spectacular coastline, warm Gulf waters and year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder Doha is becoming the go-to place for unforgettable beach experiences.

Desert Dune Bashing

Desert off-roading aka ‘dune bashing’ is the most exhilarating way to explore the vast sand dunes in the south of Qatar. The Inland Sea is a popular destination for a desert daytrip. In this ethereal landscape, undulating mountains of sand topple into the crystal blue waters of the Inland Sea.

Desert Safari

The Qatari desert is a landscape of surreal beauty. It’s one of the few places in the world where the desert meets the sea, and is home to iconic wildlife, including camels, flamingos and Arabian oryx – the country’s national emblem. It may not be the fastest way to get around, but a camel ride across the dunes conjures all the romance of a desert safari.

Kite Surfing

With regular winds, warm crystal-clear water, and plenty of sheltered flat lagoons, Qatar is a kite-surfer’s paradise.

Public Parks

Qatar blooms with public parks and beautiful green spaces where kids can roam free while parents relax.

Whale Sharks of Qatar

Each year Qatar is home to one of the largest congregations of whale sharks on earth. From April to September, hundreds of whale sharks flock to the warm waters in the north-east. It’s a prime feeding ground for the whale sharks, which feed on plankton and fish eggs.

Cultural Attractions:

Art Galleries and Public Art

From murals and sculptures that adorn public spaces and punctuate wild landscapes, to visiting international exhibitions and emerging local talent, there’s a world of art in Qatar.

Fine Dining

Qatar’s food culture is steeped in humble dishes and generous hospitality, and now contemporary fine-dining adds to the rich tapestry of flavour. You’ll find global outposts of world-renowned fine-dining restaurants serving everything from modern Japanese to Peruvian, Cantonese, Mediterranean, and beyond.

Markets and Souqs

From murals and sculptures that adorn public spaces and punctuate wild landscapes, to visiting international exhibitions and emerging local talent, there’s a world of art in Qatar.


Qatar has more than its share of museum, telling the story of the country and the region-at-large, object by object. Everything tells a story, from a priceless pearl to a car’s number plate.

  • Museum of Islamic Art
    One of the city’s most spectacular spots, MIA houses one of the finest collections of Islamic art in the world, including ceramics, carpets and manuscripts spanning more than a thousand years.
  • Msheireb Museums
    These museums in Msheireb Downtown Doha are spread across four houses, each reconstructed to reflect a different facet of Qatar’s history.
  • National Museum of Qatar
    Built around the Old Amiri Place, the former residence of Sheikh Abdullah Jassim Al Thani, this architectural marvel houses approximately 8,000 objects telling the story of Qatar, past, present, and future, from archaeological artefacts to household items, from pearl diving and desert life to oil and ambition.
  • Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum (FBQ)
    Away from the city you’ll find the most imposing stone palace that houses the FBQ Museum, one of the world’s largest private museums, telling the story of Qatar through the lens of one of its richest entrepreneurs. You get an eclectic collection and an array of international artefacts the Sheikh has collected on his travels across the world. There’s also a large selection of the Sheikh’s own personal interests on display including over 600 vintage cars.

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