César Ritz Colleges Switzerland: Call for Proposals, 4th International Research Roundtable

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland: Call for Proposals, 4th International Research Roundtable

You are invited to attend the 4th bi-annual International Research Roundtable of César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, running from the 14th – 16th March 2023 at their Brig campus. The institution is seeking submissions from academics across THE-ICE network, as well as members who are interested in reviewing scholarly papers.

César Ritz Colleges engages in research for responsible business and society that promotes entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership, inclusivity, and visionary thinking among business leaders and scholars. The research community at César Ritz Colleges fosters innovation in the domains of entrepreneurship and management in hospitality, tourism, and service industries. The bi-annual roundtables held in March and September offer an opportunity for scholars and practitioners interested in this theme to share research in progress, exchange opinions, and explore potential collaborations.

Important dates

  • Proposal submission deadline: 20 February 2023 ONLY through EasyChair platform
  • Research Roundtable: Tuesday, 14th March – Thursday, 16th March 2023
    • Formal Welcome afternoon and Research networking – 11:00am, 14 March 2023
    • Official paper presentations and roundtable discussions – 15 March 2023
    • Informal Networking lunch, Brig campus – 11:00am – 1:00 PM, 16 March 2023
  • Post-conference: Translational Research Papers and Practitioner Business Cases may be fast-tracked for publication at the peer-reviewed journal ICHRIE Research Reports.


All submissions are expected to highlight practical implications for entrepreneurship and management in hospitality, tourism, or other service organisations. The main roundtable will be discussed in English, however, submissions in French are welcome for the French-speaking roundtable session “Hospitality and Tourism Management”.

  • Leadership and human resource management in dynamic settings: Advance knowledge on management, human resources, and related disciplines in dynamic settings, such as hospitality, and propose practical applications for hospitality, tourism, and service organisations.
  • Strategy and innovation for better service: advance knowledge on strategic management for innovating in hospitality, tourism, and service organisations, and propose practical applications for the industry.
  • Operational sustainability: uncovering different aspects of sustainability in operations and proposing practical applications for hospitality, tourism, and service organisations.
  • Business in hospitality, tourism, or service organisations: Business topics may be related to areas such as innovation, sustainability, marketing, finance, accounting, or revenue management.

Call for proposals

The call for proposals from researchers and practitioners is open in the following categories:

  • Original research papers (5000-8000 words, excluding references)
    • Academic research papers taking the form of a literature review, conceptual, qualitative, or quantitative work
  • Translational Research Papers (600-1500 words, excluding references)
    • Translational Research Papers take the form of reports that present scholarly evidence-based opinions and focus on actionable knowledge. These reports present practical implications from previously published credible peer-reviewed research, such as scholarly research articles from journals included in Scopus/Scimago ratings and chapters from academic textbooks.
    • These reports should be relevant for students, professionals, policy makers and/or society.
    • Translational research reports take the form of direct explanations. They should describe the key concept of published academic research, set the focal business context, give examples, and make actionable recommendations for practitioners.
    • Reports should be written in Business English, using figures, tables, and illustrations to be easy to read.
    • Although these reports do not contain in-text referencing, they must include a list of at least 3-5 key sources reflecting previously published credible peer-reviewed research used for developing these reports.
  • Practitioner business cases (600-1500 words, no references needed)
    • Practitioner essays in free format presenting an authoritative personal viewpoint to share business stories, current issues, or emerging business trends.
  • Research proposal (400-600 words, excluding references)
    • Work in progress, extended abstracts

Submission guidelines

Submissions are accepted on rolling basis after a double-blind peer review and early submissions are welcome. Paper submissions should NOT contain author-identifying information for blind review (no names, no affiliations, etc.). Author details should be entered through the EasyChair platform.

  • Proposed text:
    • Each submission should have a title page containing:
      • Title and Abstract (400-600 words maximum)
      • Each submission should clearly indicate 1 of 4 topics: (1) leadership and human resource management in dynamic settings; (2) strategy and innovation for better service; (3) operational sustainability; (4) business in hospitality, tourism, or service organisations. Without a topic selection, submissions will automatically be reviewed as original research papers related to business.
      • Each submission should clearly indicate one of the four submission categories: (1) Original Research Paper; (2) Translational Research Paper; (3) Practitioner Business Case; (4) research proposal. Without a category selection, the submissions will automatically be reviewed as original business-related research papers.
    • Main text with with figures, tables, and illustrations, as needed.
    • References in Harvard style (except for practitioner business cases) and appendices
  • Proposal formatting:
    • Font type: Times New Roman
    • Font size: 12 points
    • Line spacing: 2
    • All margin widths: 2.5 cm
    • Submitted in PDF format
  • The authors of accepted submissions should send the presentation file to the Organising Committee (Evelina.Gillard@cesarritzcolleges.edu) in PowerPoint or PDF format prior to the scheduled presentation day.

Venue information

Participation in the 4th International Research Roundtable may occur online, both online and on campus, and asynchronously. For asynchronous presentations, a 20-minute recorded video presentation and a presentation file in PowerPoint or PDF format must be shared with the organising committee before the event.

If you would like to register for this event or have any further questions regarding submissions, please email Ms Evelina Gillard, Head of Research at César Ritz Colleges, at Evelina.Gillard@cesarritzcolleges.edu.

Click here to find out more about César Ritz Colleges Switzerland by visiting their website.