Our vision, mission, history & constitution

Our vision, mission, history & constitutionacnc_logo

Our Vision

To be the leading and authoritative source on TH&E education and training

Our Mission

  • Programme accreditation
  • Cross-institutional benchmarking
  • Promotion of THE-ICE accredited programmes & education excellence
  • Individual professional development

Our History

Originally established and funded by the Australian Federal Government (2004 – 2008) as one of five International Centres of Excellence promoting Australian education prowess, THE-ICE was awarded to and managed by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC), the largest tourism and hospitality scientific research centre in the world at that time.

With the endorsement and support of the Australian government, THE-ICE designed, developed and implemented strategic activities to:

  • recognise excellence in tourism and hospitality education in Australia
  • help in furthering the development of that excellence, and
  • aid in the promotion of that excellence to future international students

In July 2008 THE-ICE transformed from a government-funded international education initiative, with eight Australian foundation members, to a not-for-profit international accreditation and quality assurance agency.  Today THE-ICE is a global network of institutions including public and private universities, vocational institutions and private hotel schools.

To view THE-ICE’s first decade milestones, please follow these links:

THE-ICE Constitution

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