THE-ICE Re-accreditation Process



Accreditation and membership of THE-ICE, once awarded, is valid for a period of five (5) years. After this time, members must apply for re-accreditation to maintain their accreditation and membership status.

THE-ICE has an ethos of ongoing engagement and involvement with its member institutions and, accordingly, does not require a replication of the original Full Accreditation procedure to grant re-accreditation. THE-ICE Re-accreditation Procedure seeks to minimise the burden of accreditation on both auditors and institutions by incorporating revisions and changes since the original Full Accreditation Audit, and conducting annual performance monitoring through THE-ICE ISBSB™ Student Satisfaction Survey.

THE-ICE Re-accreditation Process

Institutions seeking re-accreditation of their TH&E (tourism, hospitality, events and culinary arts) education programmes and membership of THE-ICE must meet THE-ICE Standards of Excellence, as for Full Accreditation, and must also demonstrate and reflect on their ongoing commitment to quality assurance and enhancement.

THE-ICE Re-accreditation Application

THE-ICE Re-accreditation Application comprises three sections:

  1. Recommendations: a review of actions taken in response to auditor recommendations from THE-ICE Full Accreditation Application, and a review of the outcomes of these actions.
  2. Significant changes: details, rationale, and outcomes of any significant changes to the status, programmes, staff, premises, etc. of the institution since Full Accreditation or previous
    Re-accreditation was granted.
  3. Details of any other measures, actions, or achievements that demonstrate commitment to quality enhancement by the applicant institution, including other accreditations, rankings, competitions, graduate success, etc.

THE-ICE ISBSB Reflection Report

THE-ICE ISBSB Reflection Report comprises three key items:

  1. Longitudinal performance of the applicant institution against the key ISBSB questions (response rate, likelihood of students to recommend the institution, and overall student satisfaction with institutional, arrival, learning, living, and support experiences) since Full Accreditation or previous Re-accreditation.
  2. Longitudinal performance of the applicant institution against their 3-5 selected questions (key performance indicators) since Full Accreditation or previous Re-accreditation.
  3. Reflection on actions undertaken as a result of the applicant institution’s performance against key ISBSB questions and institution-specific KPIs, and the outcomes of these actions.

THE-ICE Re-accreditation Assessment Report

Following the submission of THE-ICE Re-accreditation Application and THE-ICE ISBSB Reflection Report, two (2) Auditors from the independent THE-ICE Assessment Panel will meet virtually with the applicant institution to discuss the details presented in the reports. The Auditors will jointly prepare the Re-accreditation Assessment report, including an overview of the applicant institution’s performance as well as their commendations and recommendations moving forward.

Re-accreditation Outcomes and Support for Institutions

Undertaking the process of Re-accreditation will result in one of the following outcomes for applicant institutions:

  1. Re-accreditation.
  2. Re-accreditation with requirements (including, in the case of significant changes, a site audit conducted by one of the independent Auditors of THE-ICE Assessment Panel).
  3. Repeat Full Accreditation, in the case of major changes to the institution or serious underperformance in annual reporting and/or KPIs.

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