Application procedure

Application Procedure for Accreditation & Membership of THE-ICE

Accreditation Process Overview

There are two (2) THE-ICE Membership categories:

  1. Members of THE-ICE (accredited members)
  2. Associates of THE-ICE (non-accredited members)

In order to determine the most suitable Membership Categories for incoming institutions,THE-ICE has adopted a two-stage accreditation process, as outlined in brief below:


  1. Applicant institutions should register their interest by contacting THE-ICE directly at to receive a THE-ICE Pre-accreditation Application – Institutional Profile template and further information. The focus of this stage is to establish the applicant institution’s credentials and likelihood to meet/align with THE-ICE Standards of Excellence.
  2. Following successful completion of the Institutional Profile and approval by THE-ICE Executive Team the applicant institution is invited to apply for Full Membership of THE-ICE.
    • In the event that the applicant institution does not, or does not yet, meet the criteria and Standards, they may be invited to apply as an Observer of THE-ICE, where they will be supported by THE-ICE Executive Team to apply for Full Membership within three (3) years.
    • For full details of THE-ICE Membership Schedule, click here

Full Accreditation

  1. Applicant institution completes THE-ICE Full Accreditation Application, a self-review document with a focus on self-reflection and purpose of addressing THE-ICE Standards of Excellence
  2. The completed Application is assessed by Auditor/s of the independent THE-ICE Assessment Panel. The auditors will prepare and deliver a Full Accreditation Assessment Report to the applicant institution for comments upon completion.
  3. Auditor/s of THE-ICE Assessment Panel conduct a site audit, visiting the campus of the applicant institution to verify the claims made in the Full Accreditation Application. This site visit will include inspections of campus facilities by THE-ICE Auditors as well as observation and meetings with the applicant institution’s teaching staff, administrative support staff, students, alumni, industry advisory board and all relevant stakeholders. The auditors prepare and deliver a Full Site Audit Report to the applicant institution for comments upon completion.
  4. With the approval of the applicant institution, the Full Accreditation Assessment Report and Full Site Audit Report are presented to THE-ICE Board of Directors along with the auditors’ recommendation based on their findings. With the approval of THE-ICE Board, the applicant institution is invited to become a Full Member of THE-ICE. As a Full Member, programmes are accredited for a minimum period of five years, after which Re-Accreditation is required to maintain accreditation and membership of THE-ICE.
    • Once approved as a Full Member, institutions operating as part of an ‘education group’ may be eligible to nominate Affiliate Members from within the same group, subject to the relevant criteria being met.

Accreditation of Non-English TH&E Programmes

Accreditation by THE-ICE is available for TH&E programmes delivered in either English or non-English. For the latter, applicant institutions should expect to complete the application documents in English and provide certified translations to English of all relevant evidence and supporting documentation. Appropriately qualified translators would also be required during any site audits should the auditors have need for clarification.

For further information

For further application details please contact THE-ICE via email: