THE-ICE Events

THE-ICE offers Members and non-members a variety of conference and workshop events. These include THE-ICE annual IPoE Forums (International Panel of Experts) which were established to offer a series of high-level events focusing on strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) education. Each IPoE Forum has a highly focused theme, and leading experts from around the world are invited to speak on issues surrounding TH&E education, accreditation, benchmarking and the development of Best Practice.

Our global network of institutions also engage in our BRS (Benchmarking Roundtable Series) workshop events. Each of these events is focused on a specific topic, and encourages the sharing of knowledge as it relates to the development of best-practice models. These events offer both educators and administrative staff from participating institutions an opportunity to gain insight into the practices of peer institutions, to learn about alternative and new approaches, to identify and develop best-practice models and to collectively identify solutions to common issues being faced.

THE-ICE 14th IPoE Forum 2020

26th – 28th October 2020

proudly hosted by University of Derby

At 1 Devonshire Rd, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6RY