Know One, Teach One

Empowering at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam through its holistic hospitality training program.

THE-ICE Sponsorship

Since 2011, THE-ICE has committed to sponsoring young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in Vietnam, to complete KOTO’s 24-month hospitality traineeship programme. This traineeship equips young Vietnamese adults (16 – 22 years old) with hospitality training, English language and life skills, as well as providing food, healthcare and accommodation in a family environment where they feel safe, happy, and cared for. A place where they can develop into confident young adults.

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Meet KOTO Student: Vuong Thanh Tra

THE-ICE is proud to sponsor 17-year-old Vuong Thanh Tra on her journey through the KOTO Hospitality traineeship programme, where she will study to become a waitress or bartender/barista professional. Through THE-ICE sponsorship, Tra will have access to accommodation, ongoing health care, vaccinations, uniforms, laundry, meals, and a monthly training allowance.

Tra is from Hanoi’s Old Quarter, and has recently left school in Grade 10. She is excited to start her bartending courses at KOTO, and although she is one of the youngest in her class, Tra impresses everyone with her strong, calm and careful personality.

Read more of Tra’s story here.
Read Tra’s 2023 progress report!

How you can help

Buy a Spoon – Build a Dream School

“It takes a village to raise a child”. KOTO hopes to serve as the ‘village’ in the successful stories of raising disadvantaged youth who were born without a silver spoon but are equipped with the KOTO ‘spoon’. This being their home away from home, providing them with the skills to have stable jobs, and to help themselves and help others. Your kind donations will go toward building KOTO Dream School, the forever home where KOTO trainees not only study, but live together. Where the value of caring, sharing, and empowering are instilled in the trainees so that they will pass on the spirit to help many other less fortunate youths in Vietnam – just as what KOTO stands for: Know One, Teach One.

Whether you are a corporate who wants to contribute to society, or families and individuals who want to help, you can choose from KOTO’s 3 Spoon donations below:

  • Caring spoon: $50
  • Sharing spoon: $200
  • Empowering spoon: $500

Donations are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers on the Give Now platform, and for UK and US taxpayers on the Global Giving platform. You will receive a thank you letter and the KOTO newsletter to see what your donation goes towards, and the spoon you donated will be displayed on the appreciation walls on the first floor of KOTO Van Mieu restaurant.

Click here to become a Dream Builder.

KOTO Dream Ride

The KOTO Dream Ride has been an annual fundraising event since 2002. All proceeds from the event are put towards supporting the continued work of providing a brighter future for at-risk and disadvantaged youth, through the KOTO vocational education and training program.

Initially a 55km or 25km ride through a variety of stunning Northern Vietnam landscapes, KOTO is partnering with Intrepid in 2020 to launch a global virtual event, with riders choosing their own route to ride anywhere in the world. Riders can create an individual or team page on the Raisley platform, set a target, and raise funds within their network, with every donation displayed on the website.

To find out more about KOTO Dream Ride, click here.

About KOTO

KOTO is a not-for-profit social enterprise that empowers at-risk and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam, through its holistic hospitality training program. KOTO’s mantra – Know One, Teach One – reflects the belief that if you’re in a position where you can help someone less fortunate than yourself, then you should help them.

KOTO accepts youths who are mostly orphaned, homeless or poor, from both the city and rural communities. In Hanoi alone, it is estimated that there are some 19,000 young people living on the streets. With multi-locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, KOTO utilises their 200-trainee capacity training centres to support youths and teach hospitality (either Front of House or Commercial Cookery), English language, and life skills, such as personal hygiene and money management.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City and raised in Australia from when he was two years old, Jimmy Pham returned to Vietnam in 1996 aged 23. Shocked by the number of young homeless, a chance meeting with four street kids changed everything for Jimmy, who had studied tourism in Sydney and had been working as a travel agent in Melbourne. Jimmy’s determination to support these disadvantaged youths resulted in KOTO being established in 2000 and its continued growth since.

Every six months, KOTO recruits up to 30 young people from the streets, between the ages of 16-22. The new trainees are recruited following recommendations from a wide network of sources, including individuals, local orphanages or other organisations dealing with poverty, trafficking, physical abuse, alcoholism and other addictions. The training is hard at times, but the trainees’ journey is an amazing one: they can experience their transformation from being abandoned, neglected, insecure young individuals with low self-esteem to empowered, knowledgeable and optimistic young men and women. Vocational training is the key to a sustainable future for street kids and disadvantaged youth throughout the world. It is a model based on not only providing youth with training and jobs, but also by providing them with valuable life skills to ensure they can contribute to their community.

For more information about KOTO, please visit their website.

KOTO Presentation at THE-ICE IPoE Forum 2023

Past KOTO Students Sponsored by THE-ICE

Dang Van Quyet, Class 23

Tran Van Trung, Class 26

Pham Viet Ha, Class 30

Ly Thi Sung, Class 36