THE-ICE VIPoE 2020 Workshops

THE-ICE VIPoE 2020 Workshops

Each year as part of the IPoE Forum programme, our valued Business Alliance Partners (BAP) conduct workshops for the benefit of our members. With the Forum being virtual in 2020, limits of attending staff have been eased, providing an exceptional opportunity for more representatives from our members to attend the VIPoE and associated workshops. The workshops this year have been specifically designed to enable colleagues working in similar operational areas to connect with each other and our BAPs, and to learn how to maximise the benefits from the products and services offered through these strategic alliances.

i-graduate workshop: Measuring the Student Experience

Monday, 26th October 2020, 6:00pm AEDT

As part of the VIPoE, for the first time i-graduate are proud to run an exclusive workshop for THE-ICE members. Nick (Head of i-graduate) and Robin (Principal Consultant) will provide insight into how to get maximum benefit from your results, and give a first look at what enhancements we could see in 2021. They will also share some highlights from 25,000 responses to i-graduate’s COVID-19 Survey, which asked students about their concerns during the pandemic.

  1. How to interpret the numbers and the best way to use each of the reporting deliverables (including pivot table essentials demonstration on how to extract key data)
  2. Potential enhancements to the survey for 2021
  3. i-graduate will also provide a summary of their findings from the recent survey of 25,000 students conducted during COVID19

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Hosco workshop: Hosco, Lobster Ink and THE-ICE – new partnership benefits – alumni employability tracking and online industry training courses for schools

Monday, 26th October 2020, 7:15pm AEDT

John Lohr, the Director of Development at Hosco, will present the new THE-ICE and Hosco partnership and the benefits that will be available to all THE-ICE member institutions as well as additional information on the Lobster Ink online industry training courses which THE-ICE institutions can also take advantage of.

THE-ICE has joined forces with Hosco, the hospitality network to provide our member institutions worldwide with data that will detail the placement success of their students and graduates. Through this partnership, THE-ICE members will be able to keep track of their students’ and alumni’s employment status, role, department, and job location, among other information enabling them to map their career development. The inputs gathered will generate time-series data reports allowing members to monitor and benchmark their placement activities’ efficacy in order to keep improving their employment strategies.

In addition Hosco has become the officially licensed partner of Lobster Ink the worldwide leader in hospitality industry training. Lobster Ink offers over 1,400 online industry training courses which are used by most of the major corporate hospitality brands (Marriott, Hilton, Kempinski, Mandarin Oriental etc) to train their internal staff. Now via Hosco, schools can adopt this actual online industry learning content to support student online learning, supplement internship experiences, drive more admissions or build their own micro-certifications. 

More about the Hosco and Lobster Ink partnership can be found here

This workshop is recommended for: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, Academic Coordinators, Admissions Counsellors and Internship Coordinators.

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Russell Partnership Technology Workshop: Hospitality Simulation Programs – how to integrate these into online teaching and internship programs

Thursday, 29th October 2020, 6:00pm AEDT

Teaching methodologies have had to adapt rapidly to cope with the move to online and hybrid delivery. For many years, simulations have been heavily utilised for teaching both online and as part of face to face delivery. This workshop will examine best practices for utilising simulations and educational technology to teach either fully online or in a hybrid manner. The workshop will include an overview of Russell Partnership Technology programs, along with the opportunity to ask questions.

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Higher Education Leadership Institute workshop: Learning Technology and Learning Engagement Trends for 2021 and beyond

Thursday, 29th October 2020, 7:15pm AEDT

A significant challenge to learning in virtual environments is maintaining learner engagement. Most educators have a number of conventional approaches for ensuring learners are engaged in physical classrooms and these are well known. However, many will not work in the virtual world.

In this presentation, HELI’s Dean Professor Clive Smallman, our CEO Dr Peter Ryan and Head of Communications, Alan Williams, take a look at the top learning technology and learning engagement trends that institutions can use to boost engagement in learning and teaching in 2021 and beyond

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  2. Geofencing
  3. Big data and learning analytics
  4. Self-directed learning and learning experience platforms (LXPs)
  5. Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR)
  6. Off-the-shelf eLearning: online content market places
  7. The ‘holy grail’: life-long learning platforms.

HELI will take 30 minutes to sketch the benefits of the technologies, before splitting into mastermind groups to see how participants think they might use this technology, and then coming back together for a final summary.

This workshop is recommended for: Academics, Researchers, Alumni and Education Administrators, Executive and Management staff seeking to understand the trends in technology in this space.

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STR SHARE Center Workshop: Hotel Data, Student Certifications, Virtual Internships, and other Resources from the STR SHARE Center

Friday, 30th October 2020, 6:00pm AEDT

The workshop will quickly introduce new types of data, new research examples, new certifications and training programs and new ways schools are utilizing SHARE Center resources, including virtual internships and student competitions. Mr Steve Hood will briefly describe the Advanced Analytics program and the related student projects (market study, event impact analysis, feasibility study). Most important, STR SHARE Center would love to hear from you, and would be interested in brainstorming regarding research opportunities and ways they can help in the classroom.  STR SHARE Center would appreciate your input on training that is under development in the areas of tourism and meeting and events analytics, hot topics in hospitality and tourism, and applied accounting.

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