BMIHMS Suzhou recognized as Most Respected Hotel School of China 2021

BMIHMS Suzhou recognized as Most Respected Hotel School of China 2021

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School at Torrens University Australia (BMIHMS) in Suzhou, China is celebrating being recognised as Most Respected Hotel School of China 2021 at the prestigious China Hotel Forum and Menduner Awards. 

An accredited member of THE-ICE since 2008, BMIHMS is a leading hotel management school in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, and has launched the careers of thousands of hotel management graduates.  

Jerome Casteigt, General Manager of Business and Hospitality at Torrens University, said the award is a testament to and recognition of the quality of the school and the calibre of its graduates. “Through this award, the hotel industry is telling us that the BMIHMS students are the best trained students for the hospitality industry,” he said. “And when you think of a country like China, to have our school recognised as producing the best graduates for industry – it’s an amazing recognition of the hard work of our team in Suzhou.” 

BMIHMS at Torrens University Australia, in partnership with Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute (STFI), has always set out to deliver world-class education for the next generation of hoteliers through their Associate Degree in Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) in Suzhou, China. Renowned for its practical focus and industry driven learning, the school prides itself on empowering its students with an immersive learning experience in all aspects of hotel and resort management, preparing them for supervisory and management positions upon graduating. 

“STFI houses a purpose-built BMIHMS campus that replicates the experience the School offers students in Leura,” said Associate Professor Simon Pawson, Associate Dean of Hospitality at Torrens University, referring especially to the hotel simulated environment BMIHMS offers. 

The Chinese tourism industry, both domestically and internationally, has seen considerable growth over recent years and a significant expansion in the hotel sector, with Suzhou being one of the country’s top tourism destinations. As China now hosts the greatest number of leading five-star hotel brands, the appetite for high quality talent has exploded, with BMIHMS ready to meet the need. 

“BMIHMS STFI students are highly sought after by hotels in the region. Over the last 15 years the School has gained a reputation for the quality and professionalism of its students,” Associate Professor Pawson added. 

Jerome Casteigt points out that the award is also a recognition of what can be accomplished from the strong industry partnerships BMIHMS has built over its 15 years in China.  

“It’s such a testament of the quality of what we do in China with our joint venture partner. We have such a history. This is one of the oldest joint venture partnerships in China,” he said. “It leverages the rich 30-year legacy of BMIHMS Australia, and the unique teaching philosophy centred around professional and personal growth practical skills development, and academic development. We’ve taken the best of our BMIHMS model, which is focused on a combination of applied learning and smart soft skills, and adapted it to meet the market and hospitality industry demands in China.”  

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