Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality

The Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH), established since 1966, has been synonymous with outstanding vocational education and exemplary Swiss hospitality for over 50 years. As a teaching-based institution, SSTH takes pride in upholding the quality of its education. In 2013, acquired by the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Group, SSTH became a member school of this world-renowned institution.

SSTH consciously restricts the number of student in-takes each semester in order to provide individualised care and attention to the cohort (around 300 students). The School considers the personal attention offering to each student is its greatest strength. SSTH offers a very practical orientated education, with a student-centered approach that focuses on the competencies needed to be a professional in the hospitality industry, with about one-third of them on internship at any given time.

Although SSTH is a member School of EHL Haute Ecole, it has its own identity and focuses on hospitality at a vocational level with the speciality to close the gap from the tertiary-level B (HF programme) to the tertiary-level A (BSc (ISCED-6) Degree), and open the way from the upper secondary level to the tertiary-level A to the students.

Academic Excellence

SSTH is the first and only Hotel Management school offering students the possibility to climb the educational, and in turn the career ladder, step by step, level by level. Students can decide after each academic achievement whether they want to go further to the next academic level.

The two factors, quality education and behavioural learning for life, are the benchmarks of the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH). Tourism and hospitality is the only global industry which places a strong emphasis on both excellent management skills and empathy (a soft skill) to be successful in an international career. To nurture both of these aspects, SSTH offers rigorous professional and academic training as well as an anthroposophical education designed to encourage the appreciation of nature, culture, arts, and human science. This is precisely the reason why Switzerland has traditionally been a destination for hospitality and tourism management education. The unique environment and culture summarized by the term “Swissness” has always provided the stimulus to nurture unique talents. SSTH’s final goal is to educate young professional leaders and set new standards.

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