Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences

Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences 

Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences is an international branch campus of Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Stenden Qatar UAS delivers internationally accreditedfour-year Bachelor in Business Administration Programmes in the fields of International Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, and International Business and Management Studies.

Since its inception in 2000, more than 700 students from more than 40 different nationalities have graduated from Stenden Qatar UAS. Many of these graduates hold key positions in different governmental and non-governmental organizations in Qatar and internationally.

Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences seeks to build the required human resource capacity for the regional and international industry by providing the highest possible standards of business, hospitality and tourism management education, combined with the transfer of applied knowledge from industry, and access to high quality internship experiences.

Stenden Qatar UAS has been offering tourism and hospitality management education for more than 15 years. The university aims to ensure that graduates are able to demonstrate the potential to be hospitality and tourism professionals, by meeting all the competencies set by professional colleagues and the industry for hospitality and tourism management programmes.

Stenden Qatar UAS is committed to educate students who do not only meet the graduate profiles but are prepared to become the future leaders in these industries.


Be an internationally recognized premier university known for the quality of its applied education, scholarship and learning.


To offer a holistic education by unleashing the potential in our students and staff in a multicultural and challenging environment, where we believe that knowledge empowers students to become the future leaders in the constantly changing global arena.

Stenden Offers

  • Tourism, hospitality and business & management programmes taught in English
  • A world of opportunities: study on nine campus sites worldwide
  • Outstanding international learning experiences.
  • One on one academic and career counseling.
  • Internships in world renowned hotels.
  • Education in a young, ambitious university that is already one of the best in the world.

Your future begins here!

At Stenden Qatar UAS we aim to be a school of excellence and a premier provider of hospitality management, tourism management, and business management education in the region and internationally. Our university is very well situated to provide our students with great opportunities for learning and our location in the vibrant city of Doha and the GCC region is vital to our identity and our success as a school.

We are unique in so many ways. We provide our students with the privilege of receiving high-quality European education and Dutch accredited diplomas. We encourage our students to stay culturally connected by providing them with fantastic opportunities to study in one of our campuses in the Netherlands, South Africa, Bali, and Thailand. We offer a family-like atmosphere, in which every student receives personalised attention and support. We know our students by name and have an open-door policy to facilitate our communication with them. Our students are provided with the opportunity to train and find employment in some of the best business enterprises, tourism organisations and hospitality companies in Qatar and abroad. We deliver our curriculum by utilizing the problem-based learning approach and provide our students with the needed skill set to succeed in a competitive and globalised world. We are different and we prepare graduates who can make a difference!

The unique educational concept offers you the possibility to acquire skill set that would differentiate you from others in the field.  The portfolio of undergraduate degrees offered at Stenden Qatar UAS aims to deliver higher education that would equip its alumni with proficiencies in the service management field to become competent innovative managers and international leading entrepreneurs. The professional degree structured around the Problem Based Learning concept coupled with the mix of theory and practice has been proven to make our graduates particularly employable immediately after graduation. The programmes we offer are the same as those delivered in the Netherlands apart from some adaptations for practical and cultural reasons. The NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation

Organization) has accredited the equivalent programmes in the Netherlands and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar recognizes the European degrees delivered at Stenden Qatar UAS.

To complete the academic requirements of your Dutch Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, you have the opportunity to study a year in the Netherlands. In practice, this means that you will spend either part of your second and third or the entire third year at one of our campus locations in the Netherlands.

At Stenden Qatar UAS we understand that the students are as important to us as the university is to the students. Therefore, the University is committed to offer a student-centered approach to education while being equipped with several facilities for you to enjoy your studies.

Our study programmes

Approach, Philosophy and Style of Education

Stenden Qatar UAS has a very student centered approach to learning and education. Our Code of Ethics and Customer Service Policy ensure that both students and staff focus on the main objectives and strive to develop the whole person. The mission of our programmes is to prepare the students for their future management functions in international settings. It represents a flexible and broad-based professional education for the graduates to be welcomed worldwide, in all sectors of services and service management

Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a key element of Stenden’s education. It is a student-centered instructional concept in which the students together solve problems and reflect on their experiences. Characteristics of PBL are: Learning is driven by challenging, open-ended real industry problems, students work in small collaborative groups and teachers take on the role as facilitators of learning.

In 2013 Stenden was selected by the Dutch Ministries of Education and Economic Affairs, to be a founding partner in the Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH). CELTH aims to develop and share knowledge in its field to enhance the domain’s contribution to sustainable economic development.

A World of Opportunities

The world around us is increasingly dynamic. As a student, the world offers you increasing possibilities and reducing boundaries. The opportunity of working and living in an international and intercultural environment after graduation has significantly increased. This environment needs open minded, enterprising and goal oriented people; young, enthusiastic professionals who have not only mastered their discipline, but who are also able to grow within that discipline. In the dynamic, value driven and internationally oriented environment of Stenden, students can develop into global citizens, expanding their horizons and becoming conversant with different cultures.

Stenden Qatar UAS offers a world of opportunities. Students can study at one of the international branch campus sites in the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand or Indonesia (Bali).

Industry Relevant Programmes

Study Programmes Accredited by THE-ICE

Member Profile

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