NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences
 is a public university located in the student city of Leeuwarden, about a one-hour drive from Amsterdam in the north of The Netherlands. The historic city centre, captivating cultural heritage of the inner city and the numerous cafés, boutiques and small shopping streets, has earned Leeuwarden the honour of being ‘European Cultural Capital’ 2018. With its small canals and bridges, Leeuwarden is also called the ‘Venice of the North’. With over 25,000 students attending the city’s three Universities of Applied Sciences, and about 25% of those being international, Leeuwarden is truly an international student city.

Over the past decade Stenden has developed into a global university having nine campuses worldwide – five within The Netherlands as well as South Africa, Qatar, Thailand, and Indonesia (Bali) – meaning NHL Stenden University Leeuwarden’s Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree educational programmes are now offered to more than 11,000 students from over 90 countries.

Stenden offers:

  • Leisure, events, service, tourism, hospitality & hotelsu-stenden-campus-300w management programmes taught in English
  • A world of opportunities: study on nine campus sites world wide
  • Real World Learning in our learning companies
  • Outstanding job opportunities: worldwide internship possibilities.
  • Excellent research: Stenden is a founding partner in the Dutch Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH)

Stenden Hotel Management School

Stenden Hotel Management School is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of International Hospitality Management programmes at Associate and Bachelor Degree levels, and a Master Degree programme in International Service Management. The International Hospitality Management Bachelor programme (IHM) celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012. With more than 12,000 alumni worldwide and around 2,400 students, studying at Leeuwarden and on all our international campus sites, IHM is proud to have become the biggest independent hospitality education in Europe. The IHM programme is recognised and accredited as delivering ‘Real World Learning’.

The on-site four star Stenden Hotel, with restaurants, bar and conference rooms, enable students to put theory into practice in practical trainings during all years of their study. Stenden Hotel Management School is a valuable partner in research and industry networks. The strong research team of the Academy of International Hospitality Research (Stenden AIHR) contributes to leading research publications, publishes its own academic journal and organises international research conferences.

Stenden Hotel Management School offers two new master programmes: both a MA and MSc in International Hospitality & Service Management, su-stenden-cafe-300wa unique way for graduates to distinguish themselves in the hospitality industry and a great opportunity to expand their international network.

Stenden International Tourism Management

International Tourism Management delivers an Associate and Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management and a Master programme in International Leisure and Tourism Studies. Today around 800 students from around 25 nationalities study International Tourism Management at Stenden. The programmes are offered on the NHL Stenden campus sites in Leeuwarden, Emmen and in Doha (Qatar).

International Tourism Management students study in a multicultural environment and learn about the resources and customs of different countries. The programme collaborates closely with its research institute ETFI, European Tourism Futures Institute, which specialises in Scenario Planning. Research is a substantial part of the curriculum and enabling su-stenden-efti-logo-250wstudents to attain an academic level.

The International Tourism Management programme has established an excellent reputation in the tourism industry and is appreciated for the balance between academic knowledge and practical skills.

Problem Based Learning

All Stenden programmes are fully accredited by the Netherlands and Flanders Accreditation Organisation su-stenden-study-group-300w(NVAO). Furthermore, NHL Stenden University’s highly developed and independent “Learning Companies” (professional organisations including Stenden Hotel) ensure that students are immersed in Real World environments. Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a key element of NHL Stenden’s education, ensuring students work in small teams on real industry problems, constantly linking theory to practice. PBL also helps students to develop an open attitude towards challenges.

Research & Industry Programmes

Research is one of the main pillars of NHL Stenden. The various research centres of NHL Stenden ensure that all research lines are fully embedded in the curricula. The Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) performs applied research, using theory to improve practice, addressing critical hospitality issues and developing solutions that contribute to long-term success and innovation.

The Academy of Leisure & Tourism is regarded as a valuable partner in research and operations by tsu-stenden-aihr-logo-250whe industry. As an example, the contribution of ETFI (European Tourism Futures Institute) to the development of Scenario Planning, was reflected in the awarding of a €3 million grant in 2009 by the Dutch and European governments.

In 2013 NHL Stenden was selected by the Dutch Ministries of Education and Economic Affairs, to be a founding partner in the Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality (CELTH). CELTH aims to develop and share knowledge in its field to enhance the domain’s contribution to sustainable economic development.

A World of Opportunities

The world around us is increasingly dynamic. As a student, the world offers you increasing possibilities and reducing boundaries. The opportunity of working and living in an international and intercultural environment after graduation has significantly increased. This environment needs open minded, enterprising and goal oriented people; young, enthusiastic professionals who have not only mastered their discipline, but who are also able to grow within that discipline. In the dynamic, value driven and internationally oriented environment of NHL Stenden, students can develop into global citizens, expanding their horizons and becoming conversant with different cultures.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences offers a world of opportunities. Students can follow a part of their study at one su-stenden-international-campus-sites-250wof the international branch campus sites in South Africa, Qatar, Thailand or Indonesia (Bali). Besides the Stenden campus sites, students are welcome at partner universities in the field of hospitality and tourism in more than 30 countries; NHL Stenden’s outstanding industry connections allow students to choose a professional internship in more than 30 different countries worldwide. NHL Stenden has business relations with multinationals such as Hilton, Marriott and Starwood as well as Thomas Cook and My Travel.

Choose Stenden for Real World Learning!

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