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MCI Management Center Innsbruck, The Entrepreneurial School® (MCI) is an integral part of the unique “Open University Innsbruck” concept in Austria. With a strong focus on quality and customer orientation, MCI has moved up to join the leaders committed to offer its students high-grade study programs and attractive university services.

The range of programs at MCI addresses students, junior managers and decision makers from business, administration, culture and politics. They take an interdisciplinary approach, meet the needs of the labormci-master-brochure-students-300w market and are internationally renowned for their quality. Courses strongly emphasize practical application involving project assignments, case studies, and lecturers from trade and industry.

On our centrally located campus partners and customers, find an excellent infrastructure including fully equipped seminar rooms, computer labs and smaller rooms for group work as well as state-of-the-art working and research facilities, student dormitories in the immediate vicinity, a wide range of restaurants offering gastronomic delights, convenient car parks and excellent public transport facilities. The Tyrolean mountains within grasp, the region’s unbeatable sports and leisure facilities, the proximity to Germany, Switzerland and Italy and Innsbruck’s longstanding academic tradition all guarantee a unique ambience for students.

Austria’s rich historical and cultural heritage, its art treasures, the beauty of the Austrian countryside and the relaxed joie de vivre of its people are almost proverbial. The Tyrolean mountains within grasp, the region’s unbeatable sports and leisure facilities, the proximity to Germany, Switzerland and Italy and Innsbruck’s long-standing academic tradition all guarantee a unique ambience for students.

Tourism Business School

mci-new-image-3-350wMCI Tourism is the leading higher education institution in the field of tourism in the Alps, which combines theory and practice.

As part of an internationally oriented university and information and communication centre, we are open to new perspectives, methods and projects. Constructive dialogue and co-operative development of interdisciplinary competencies belong to the pillars of teaching and learning at MCI. The core competencies of the academic study programs as well as the applied research focus on entrepreneurship in tourism, destination management, tourism marketing, service design and sustainability in tourism. The institution functions as a research and knowledge center and a network of excellence for the local tourism industry and acts as a translator for tourism professionals.

Academic Excellence

mci-labels-300wThe special focus of MCI undergraduate and postgraduate programs lies in a distinct orientation to entrepreneurial approaches in tourism and leisure. The programs are based upon comprehensive business administration curricula (such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurial studies and leadership, corporate governance etc) and strong project-orientation, which opens new perspectives, promotes careers and makes a significant contribution to further qualify people in the tourism and leisure sector.

Our students learn about practically relevant theories through business simulation, case road to academic qualifications in the process. Students could also participate in a range of international study programs, which open opportunities for them to gain practical knowledge in e.g. Canada (Toronto, Vancouver/Whistler), USA (Las Vegas), Italy (Bruneck, Kronplatz) or Switzerland (Laax).

Research & Industry Programmes

mci-dsc-7550-300wMCI Management Center Innsbruck is a modern university, which targets excellence not only in teaching but also in Research and Development for regional, national and international clients as an integral part of a holistic concept of competence supply.

MCI’s research competence is delivered by study program leaders and faculty members on the one hand and through close collaboration with external lecturers – including a large number of experts and decision makers from the scientific and business communities – on the other.Our activities have a particular focus on practical relevance and interdisciplinary working.

For MCI, the success of research and development work is to be measured in terms of its practical applicability and usefulness for the client, its scientific basis, its social relevance and the added-value it brings to teaching at the MCI. In this context the focus is on the SME-based regional economy of the Tyrol and companies’ needs in terms of process optimisation and product development.

mci-maria-theresa-strasse-300wStudy Programmes Accredited by THE-ICE

Students who are interested in a one or two semester study exchange at MCI are requested to contact the International Relations Office.

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