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Hotel Management School Maastricht, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Zuyd UAS) was established in 2001 with the completion of the planned merger of Limburg University of Applied Sciences (originally founded in 1996) and Maastricht University of Applied Sciences (originally founded in late 1980s). It is now an open knowledge-institute where professionals in every phase of their development cross the borders of disciplines and organisations to collaborate on the transfer, development, and application of high-quality, practically-oriented knowledge.

Around 14,000 students are enrolled at Zuyd UAS with some 3,900 new student commencements every year. The Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM), part of the Hotel and Facility Management Faculty, currently has approximately 8,000 alumni.

Hotel Management School Maastricht (HMSM)

The HMSM has a rich tradition. It has now been supplying the international hotel industry with talented professionals for more than 65 years. It takes great pride that HMSM graduates hold management positions in many different countries worldwide.

HMSM has a long history in hospitality education and there is a commitment within the school to ensure that academic staff have industry experience. HMSM has 94 teaching staff and 18 administrative staff to support 1,270 students, a student to staff ratio that supports the School’s small-scale distinction and community feel.

Internships play a key role in HMSM students’ educational experience as they complete three traineeships over the course of their studies. The first is conducted in the school’s teaching hotel, rotating in hotel front of house, housekeeping, and food & beverage positions for ten days each. This first traineeship provides basic skills knowledge, positioning the students for the second, international, internship that focuses on operations. The second is a twenty-week traineeship, always completed abroad, allowing for students to enhance their global business understanding. In the fourth year, students complete their third traineeship, a twenty-week managerial internship in a hospitality-related company or organisation in the Netherlands or abroad.

HMSM uses international case studies and also utilises HOTS computer simulations to allow students to gain exposure to international hospitality knowledge. The Global Mind Programme also provides students with intercultural competencies, embedded throughout the eight (8) semesters of the programme. The compulsory internship abroad programme allows students to gain global experience and provides each student the opportunity to reflect on international learning.

Students are actively engaging with industry experts through guest lectures and their management consultancy projects. The School has Strategic Alliance Partners with leading hospitality business such as Hilton, Marriott and IHG. Up to 600 students are placed by the in-house Internship Office at 4* and 5* hotels worldwide.

Campus Life

HMSM’s green, park-like campus includes the Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem and also the school’s own fully-equipped student restaurant ‘Refresh’.

HMSM has taken strong leadership in converting a heritage building, the Bethlehem Castle, into a state of the art design hotel, the Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem. Leading names from the Dutch world of design lined up to participate in this effort and the resulting facility ensures that students are exposed to modern hotel design concepts immediately upon starting their studies at HMSM. It also allows students to practice the knowledge and insights taught in the context of an innovative design hotel concept and challenging their creativity.

Industry Relevant Programmes

HMSM has a unique network of strategic alliances and contacts, both with major brands and with individual players in the field of hospitality, food service and cure and care. As a result, HMSM students’ internships can be tailor-made to fit their needs and career plans.

Each academic year, HMSM organises two highly successful International Career Events, aimed at bringing students and prospective management trainees into contact with representatives from national and international hospitality industry in the widest sense of the word. Companies like Marriott, NH, IHG and Hilton are represented, as are companies from the food service and events sectors, and from hospitality-related companies like Holland Casino and Emolife. HMSM enjoys overwhelming support from the industry and this close involvement also allows employers to spot talent at an early stage. Approximately 80% of HMSM’s students has a relevant job (or master study) upon graduation.

Academic Excellence

There are nine (9) faculties in Zuyd UAS, offering a range of 74 programmes of study – 5 Associate degrees, 1 PreBachelor, 54 Bachelors and 14 Masters programmes. Hotel Management School Maastricht seeks to be seen as an internationally leading hotel management school, committed in ‘educating young people, by carrying out research and by delivering service’. Founded by members of the local hospitality industry and funded by the government in the Netherlands, HMSM is part of the Association of Dutch Hotel Management Schools. HMSM’s vision is characterised by the four (4) key phrases: hospitality; development and innovation; education and research; and service delivery.

In 2018 HMSM is elected as the second best hotel school in the Netherlands and has the special award of  “Top Rated Programme HBO 2019” in the Netherlands.

Research Excellence

Zuyd is actively involved in applied research in a number of fields that are relevant for the development of the region. Most of the research conducted at Zuyd UAS is done for the benefit of local and regional authorities and businesses and institutions, and, with the aim to foster the development and dissemination of knowledge that can be applied in practical situations.

HMSM is also a national leader in the field of Global Mind teaching and research. HMSM researchers have developed a number of educational tools employed by other hotel management Schools in The Netherlands, e.g., the Global Mind Monitor. Moreover, HMSM is the driving force in the collective Dutch Hotel Management Schools’ International Learning Research Project, in which a longitudinal study is channelled into the effects of internationalisation abroad and at home on the development of students’ intercultural competences.

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