Hospitality Business School, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Hospitality Business School, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Saxion UAS) is a large university of applied sciences in the eastern part of the Netherlands, originally established in 1875 through the merger of two educational institutions, the Hogeschool Enschede and Hogeschool IJselland. Saxion has since developed into one of the main providers of applied higher education and research in the Netherlands. The University has a regional as well as an international outlook, and a focus on applied teaching and research that address societal challenges. Saxion offers both Dutch and English programmes ranging from chemistry to hospitality, a majority of which are at Bachelor level and a number of which are at Associate and Master level.

In response to the recommendation of the Ministry of Education, Saxion was the first University of Applied Sciences to develop strategies to better position itself to prospective students, the industry, and international forums. It has opted for ‘Living Technology’, the interaction between technology and society, as a distinguishing feature. The focus of this distinguishing feature is on the development and application of technology, and to study the impact of this technology on humanity, nature and society. Recently, the term Living Technology has been further refined into Smart Solutions and the corresponding proposition ‘Get ready for a smart world’, which better reflects the benefits on the user side of technology.

Hospitality Business School

Saxion’s Hospitality Business School (HBS) aims to be an internationally oriented business school with an innovative educational approach and integrated research that is focused on solving issues in the rapidly changing (inter)national field of hospitality. HBS enables its students to study successfully and educates them to become professionals and global citizens. The graduates distinguish themselves as employees and entrepreneurs that look beyond their own geographical and cultural boundaries and, together with others, contribute to a more hospitable society. In addition, HBS students, lecturers and researchers contribute to the development of the industry by applying knowledge to challenges and opportunities.

Over the next few years HBS will transform from a Dutch-oriented school with a strong emphasis on internationalisation towards a true international business school. This implies a change in perspective, and taking on a global mindset. Internationalisation will be embedded in HBS’s approach towards teaching and learning, courses and communication will be multilingual (in English and Dutch), and it is implied that HBS regards the world as the labour market for its students and attracts an international teaching staff and an international student body.

These elements form the basis of Saxion’s Hotel Management programme to educate students to become dedicated, innovative, entrepreneurial, international hospitality business professionals who are able to adapt, apply and develop new hospitality concepts in different relevant industries.

Academic Excellence

It is the School’s belief that students learn best in real life situations. Hence, HBS does not operate a student restaurant or student hotel, as they think these do not reflect the dynamics of the industry. The School collaborates with the industry, resulting in a programme in which theory and practice are intertwined, including a series of practical experiences like internships and events organisation. Since the inception of the programme, industry representatives have clearly and consistently advised and invited Saxion to collaborate with them. In return for the willingness of the industry to co-educate their students, Saxion works with industry on research projects that provide suggestions and solutions to their challenges, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

HBS is committed in preparing students to be starting professionals in the hospitality industry, and to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to utilise academic knowledge to tackle societal or organisational challenges. To support this, Saxion’s Bachelor programmes all have close industry linkages and most programmes include a 5-month internship and thesis research project that has to be carried out within the industry or field of expertise.

As a basic principle, the programme takes a broad definition of ‘hospitality’ and educates for every context that requires experts in hospitality. This relates to different layers of hospitality (ranging from offering basic needs like food and shelter to higher levels of needs like a heart-warming welcome) and to different domains (like different sectors and cultures). HBS conceives hospitality as ‘the study that concerns the relationship between host and guest in all domains, domestic and commercial, as well as their cultural settings’. A hotel business is generally considered to be the most typical form of hospitality. HBS’ Hotel Management programme, however, considers all organisations that embrace hospitality as an important feature of their business, ranging from more obvious organisations like wellness centres and event companies to healthcare and financial institutions.

Research Excellence

Saxion UAS has three (3) research groups that contribute to the hotel management programme by sharing their research in guest lectures, organising conferences for students, and advising. The students are involved in a wide variety of industry consultancy projects that require them to conduct research on their own and HBS also sends their students to participate in various research project contests and conferences held in conjunction with the Dutch Association of Hotel Management Schools, for which they have won awards in the past.

Study Programmes Accredited by THE-ICE

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hotel Management (Dutch) (CROHO 34411)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hotel Management (English) (CROHO 34411)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hotel Management (Dutch, Part time) (CROHO 34411)

Member Profile

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