Far Eastern University, Philippines

Far Eastern University

Far Eastern University (FEU) was first established in 1928 and is recognised as one of the leading universities in the Philippines.  The university has continued to expand its course offerings to the Arts and Sciences, Architecture and Fine Arts, Education, Engineering and Computer Studies (FEU East Asia College), Graduate Studies, Law, and Medicine.

Far Eastern University continuously challenges itself to raise the bar of excellence to achieve a top-tier status not only in the Philippines but also in the South East Asian region.

Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management

Far Eastern University’s Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITHM) is guided towards FEU’s principle to guide students in building their careers and prepare for their future.

ITHM’s Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BS-TM) and Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BS-HRM) programmes aim to develop students’ intellectual ability, personality and managerial skills through balanced and up-to-date general education, hospitality and tourism management theories and practical training.feu-ithm-new-campus-350w

Linking theory into practice, these programmes focus on areas in hospitality and tourism management aligned with international standards. It aims to provide relevant training for its students to become work ready and globally competitive.

Academic Excellence

The curricula of both the BS-TM and BS-HRM are designed to prepare graduates to be highly competent and competitive practitioners.  The programmes are supported by state of the art kitchen and dining facilities, barfeu-students-3-300w and demonstration rooms all designed to accustom students to professional standards in the industry.

In order to achieve consistently high graduate outcomes, ITHM:

  • employs faculty members who are highly qualified and competent educators and practitioners;
  • equips the students with the facilities and appropriate supplies that will broaden the knowledge and skills of students thru practical learning;
  • provides updated library acquisitions, media, journals and other technical resources to support major and professional courses; and
  • provides holistic care and hospitable office and officers to enrich student experiences

Research and Industry Programmes

feu-students-2-300wITHM’s faculty being made up of seasoned industry practitioners ensures that students get real world insights.  ITHM also partners with local and international hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and airlines to expose students to existing and new opportunities that await them.

Students and faculty members are also offered funding to engage in continuing learning and research, enabline them to be actively involved in national and international paper presentations and publications.

Study Programmes Pre-accredited by THE-ICE

Member Profile

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Far Eastern University
– duly recognised by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Philippines