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Dusit Thani College

Dusit Thani College (DTC), owned by the Dusit International, is a private higher educational institution accredited by Commission on Higher Education of Thailand, offering bachelor degree in business administration in various disciplines. Dusit Thani College envisions itself to be one of the top three Asia’s leading international educational and training institutes by the year 2020, focusing on interdisciplinary programmes in hospitality education through its curriculum and expertise faculties, as well as enhancing research, fully-equipped and advanced technology.

Tourism is one among various vital parts of Thai economy, and the future of tourism depends greatly on hospitality education in order to meet the growing demands of tourists and the tourism industry. Regardless of how the world changes, Thailand represents the epitome of hospitality warmth and charm, and Dusit Thani College is the premier institution to bring these concepts through superior service and excellence to Southeast Asia. Join an institution committed to the highest ideals of hospitality education and proven success since 1993, and put your career on the right track.

Tourism and Hospitality Studies

dtc-4-300wThe raison d’etre for the existence of the college is to provide bachelor degrees in hospitality with the approval of the Ministry of University Affairs since 1996. In addition to award degree programmes, non-award programmes in hospitality fields including an Executive Programme in Hotel Management, Hospitality Access Programme, Short Training Courses and Corporate Training Courses are also available. In response to market demands in the Asia Pacific region, at present, programmes offered in English are Hotel and Resort Management, and Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

One of the most important assets of Dusit Thani College, however, is its 100% dedication to the hotel and tourism business. DTC is a single-purpose college, where all programmes and thus instructors and students focus on the development of knowledge, skills and a mindset for this growing and fascinating hospitality business.

With DTC being founded by Dusit Thani International, its roots are therefore in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students can be exposed on a day to day basis to the real world of the operations of dtc-5-300wa hotel, for example through the Dusit Princess Hotel, adjacent to the Dusit Thani College. Through this relationship with the premier Thai hotel & resort chain our instructors have easy access to the latest developments within the hotel industry. This helps them to ensure that the course content is permanently updated.

Academic Excellence

All DTC academic programmes are fully accredited by the Office of the Higher Education Commission of the Ministry of Education of Thailand, with full academic recognition. DTC is also recognised by various branches of the Thai government as the leading institution in its field in the country. It is selected by the Thai Ministry to act as the hub for the ASEAN project that aims to standardise competencies in the hospitality industry across ASEAN which in turn will provide labour mobility across the region.dtc-0801-300w

DTC takes pride in its graduate success – alumni found employment overseas soon after graduation. After returning from working overseas for a few years, some of them have been hired as an Executive Chef at Five-star hotels, while several have succeeded in the management level of famous hotels in Thailand. Also, some alumni have taken the leap and started their own businesses in the fields of bakery, restaurant, and hotel.

Research Excellence

The Faculty of Hospitality Industry is the driving force behind programme offerings and curriculum development. It has a very strong linkage to the industry advisory board in the form of the College Council, comprising of high level representatives of the Thai hospitality industry including the executives from Dusit International.

dtc-7-300wUnder the guidance of the Rector, Vice Rector and Dean, new programmes are investigated and curricula are developed with the very active contribution of the College Council after the input from the industry.

Why Choose Hospitality?

It is such a small question but one with big answers. Firstly, hospitality is a rapidly growing business field. The World Tourism Organization predicts that the travel and tourism industry will increase tremendously in the upcoming years, making it one of the largest industries in the world. Hospitality is a viable and exciting field for those with the right qualifications, and DTC, we will prepare you for a career in a top hospitality position.

A degree in Hotel Management from an internationally respected school opens up doors in numerous fields, not just in hotel management but in the greater tourism and other service-related industries. Those attracted to the field havedtc-1383-300w a shared passion for service, and take pleasure in working directly with people and exceeding expectations on a daily basis.

There’s no limit to how far a career in hospitality can take you – offering plenty of opportunities to diversify your experience and explore a variety of positions, from Food and Beverage Coordinator to Reservation Manager, as well as room to take on more leadership roles. The International Bachelor’s Programme in Hotel and Resort Management ensures you will gain an essential repertoire of skills that are transferable to any region in the world. So, what are you waiting for?

Study Programmes Accredited by THE-ICE

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Dusit Thani College
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