Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is a well-regarded university of applied sciences with about 7,000 students from over 100 countries. Historically, BUas had a more or less unique position in the Netherlands when it came to providing education in the specialised areas of tourism, leisure and mobility/traffic – it was founded in 1966 as the designated institution offering these specialised disciplines, and for that reason has developed a strong image amongst its direct stakeholders. New Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes have been developed, which not only broadened the scope but also reconfirmed its strong position.

The vision of Breda University of Applied Sciences is to be an internationally recognised leading institute with a strong industry- and society-oriented outlook and to create professional value. BUas is committed in creating value by developing and sharing knowledge in partnership with students, faculty and industry. It aims to play a prominent role in the tri-partied relationship between education, knowledge development & research. In other words, BUas aspires to connect education (staff, students, and curriculum) to research and business development and to the industry, all within an international context.

Breda University of Applied Sciences aims to inspire students and staff to develop and use their talents as well as their personal innovative capacity to the fullest potential in order to provide innovative solutions to the international professional field and be meaningful to our globalising society. In the fulfilment of this mission, BUas considers it important to prepare their students to become global citizens who are open-minded and committed to continued growth and development, both as responsible professionals and as people. As a knowledge institute, this enables us to create maximum and lasting impact. BUas accomplishes this by means of its close connections with the industry and with social institutions, as well as by being a front-runner in developing and supplying knowledge in our specific disciplines. This process is supported by the qualities of the staff members.

Academy of Hotel & Facility Management

The Academy of Hotel and Facility Management is one of five academies of Breda University. The programme of this academy is characterised as an ambitious, highly practical, and internationally-focused four-year Bachelor programme. The programme pays a lot of attention to the professional development of both students and teachers with an open atmosphere, small class sizes and accessibility of teachers, and the personal approach. The industry especially praises the programme for the enthusiastic, pro-active, self-responsible and motivated attitude of the students and alumni. They are closely involved in the development and implementation of the programme.

Academic Excellence

Excellence is at the heart of the Academy of Hotel Management and Facility Management mission, aiming to be ‘best in class’ and work with top institutes and high-end industry partners. BUas believes that the explicit links between their education, research, and the industry will lead to continuous innovation of education, giving graduates a competitive edge in the international and globalising labour market and thus contributing to excellence.

BUas continuously strives for a high involvement of industry partners and associates within its educational programmes to enhance the integration of theory and practice to the fullest, and is an institute centred on the development and dissemination of knowledge rather than on education only. The academy’s small scale also enables it to educate and guide students based on their individual needs, giving every student personal, sincere attention and stimulating individuality and individual characters.

In addition to gaining practical experience in the in-school restaurant, Sibelicious, students undertake a 6-month industry attachment during their second or third year of study at a 4- or 5-star property that suits their interest and development needs. Placements are commonly in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and each student is visited by a coach at their place of attachment, who meets with the student, the industry supervisor and the Human Resource Manager of their place of attachment. The purpose of this mandatory international placement is to acquire professional and management skills and to experience other cultures as well as apply, practice, and extend their prior acquired knowledge and skills.

Research Excellence

Breda University of Applied Sciences aspires to connect its education (staff, students and curriculum) to research & business development and to the industry, all within an international context.  The link between education and research will both broaden and deepen the students’ study and graduation options and students are involved in many of the research projects. BUas strives to be a driving force behind the development of new knowledge to serve the needs of public and private sector organisations and, in order to be considered a valuable partner by the industry, relates research and business development to the most challenging current questions from the industry.

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