Past IPoE Forums

Past THE-ICE IPoE Forums

In 2005 THE-ICE established the International Panel of Experts Forum (IPoE) to be a series of high-level events focusing on the strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality and events education. Each Forum has a highly focused theme, and leading experts from around the world are invited to present their views on and share knowledge on issues surrounding TH&E education, accreditation, benchmarking and the development of Best Practice.

THE-ICE has been privileged to have leading educators from countries such as Austria, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India, Thailand, Korea, the UK and USA to address one of its’ Forums. The experts are not only invited to address the theme, but also to be part of an interactive and dynamic session. A number of past presentations are available on THE-ICE website.

To see the profiles of education and industry experts who have contributed to these events, please see our International Panel of Experts webpage

See below for details of past IPoE Forums

THE-ICE 11th IPoE Forum 2017

‘Scholarly Excellence in the Age of Compliance’

2017 IPoE Forum Key Note Speaker and Panel Presentations – in the process of being uploaded

THE-ICE 10th IPoE Forum 2016

‘Excellence Defined and Measured’

Held 9th – 12th November 2016, proudly hosted in in Lucerne by César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, a member of the Swiss Education Group (SEG)


Click here to view the 2016 IPoE Forum Key Note Speaker and Panel Presentations

Click here to view the video highlights from the 10th IPoE Forum 2016


THE-ICE 9th IPoE Forum 2015

‘Real World Learning in Tourism & Hospitality’

Held 25th – 28th November 2015, proudly hosted in Leeuwarden and Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Stenden University of Applied Sciences


THE-ICE 8th IPoE Forum 2014

‘Developing Quality and Value-adding to Partnerships between Institutions & Industry’

Held 11th – 14th November 2014, proudly hosted in Darwin, Australia, by Charles Darwin University School of Business & School of Service Industries.

THE-ICE 7th IPoE Forum 2013

‘The Industry Education Nexus – a global perspective’

Held 6th – 8th November 2013, proudly hosted by Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney, Australia

THE-ICE 6th IPoE Forum 2012

‘Changing times in tourism and hospitality education’

Held 18th – 20th November 2012, proudly hosted by The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

THE-ICE 5th IPoE Forum 2010

Organised to be held at the Naresuan University Centre, 2nd – 3rd June 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand

Due to civil unrest in central Bangkok in late-May 2010, and in the interests of safety and security interests of our panel presenters and attendees, the decision was made to cancel the IPoE Forum.

THE-ICE 4th IPoE Forum 2009

‘Developing Excellence in Tourism, Hospitality and Events Education’

Held 12th – 13th October 2009, proudly hosted by The Hotel School Sydney, in Sydney, Australia.

THE-ICE 3rd IPoE Forum 2008

‘Developing and delivering industry-relevant education and research’

The 3rd International Panel of Experts Forum was held in conjunction with hosting the 6th Asia-Pacific (APacCHRIE) Conference in Perth in May 2008.

THE-ICE 2nd IPoE Forum 2006

‘Internationalisation of Tourism and Hospitality Education’

The second International Panel of Experts Forum was held at Conrad Jupiter’s on the Gold Coast, Australia in November, 2006.

THE-ICE 1st IPoE Forum 2005

‘Critical Issues and Future Directions of Tourism and Hospitality Education’

The inaugural International Panel of Experts Forum was held in November, 2005 at the Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast Australia.