2016 IPoE Forum

THE-ICE 10th IPoE Forum 2016

‘Excellence – Defined and Measured’   

9th – 12th November 2016

To be proudly hosted by César Ritz Colleges Switzerland,

a member of the Swiss Education Group (SEG)

Löwenstrasse 16, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland



THE-ICE annual IPoE Forums (International Panel of Experts) were established to offer a series of high-level events focusing on strategic issues facing tourism, hospitality and events (TH&E) education. Each IPoE Forum, open to members and non-members, has a highly focused theme, with leading experts from around the world who are invited to speak on issues surrounding TH&E education, accreditation, benchmarking and the development of Best Practice.

Our global network of institutions also engage in our BRS (Benchmarking Roundtable Series) workshop events. Each of these events is focused on a specific topic, and encourages the sharing of knowledge as it relates to the development of best-practice models. These events offer both educators and administrative staff from participating institutions an opportunity to gain insight into the practices of peer institutions, to learn about alternative and new approaches, to identify and develop best-practice models and to collectively identify solutions to common issues being faced.

Call for Papers

The IPoE 2016 Forum is to be held at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Lucerne. The theme of the Forum is Excellence – Defined and Measured. Full research papers, working papers and poster papers / working abstracts are now being accepted.


Frame of Reference

  • Academic paper
  • Full research papers
  • Working papers
  • Poster papers/ working abstracts

Best Paper Awards

Best paper awards will recognise outstanding papers presented at the conference. Full research papers, working papers and poster papers will be considered

Submission deadlines

30th September 2016



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Programme Details

Keynote Speakers & Panellists

Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA)




Panel Sessions:Excellence – Defined and Measured’

 The IPoE Forum 2016 main theme is ‘Excellence – Defined and Measured’, with panel sessions focusing on the following sub-themes:

  1. Employability
    Focus: Are we doing our best in equipping our graduates with the best employability skills for the competitive global market?
    Chair: Mr Guy Bentley, CEO & Director General, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland. Panelists: TBC
  2. Transferable Skills
    Focus: Internationalisation and University-Business alliances: taking Swiss style hospitality education to Switzerland and to the world
    Chair: Professor (FH) Mag Eva Werner, Rector of IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria
    Panelists: TBC
  3. Research & Scholarship
    Focus: A research and scholarly culture as a means of retaining top staff and as forming part of a network of learning organizations – Good practice on encouraging scholarly outputs and exchanges become a form of currency in helping build tourism and hospitality education capacity
    Chair: Professor Oswin Maurer, Chair in Marketing, Faculty of Economics & Management, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
    Panelists: TBC
  4. Pedagogies
    Focus: Exploring contemporary and best practice approaches to learning and teaching in TH&E education
    Chair: Dr Paul Whitelaw, Associate Director Higher Education and Quality, William Angliss Institute, Melbourne, Australia
    Panelists: TBC
  5. Technology
    Focus: Technology – Sharing best practice…more than a tool to facilitate operational effectiveness
    Chair: TBC
    1.    Mr Ron Hilvert, Managing Director, Dusit College of Hospitality Management, the Philippines
    2.    Student Representative/s

Paper Presentation Sessions

Paper Presentation Session 1
facilitated by:
Mr Emanuel Douglas Donhauser,
Chief Academic Officer
Swiss Education Group

Professor Brian King,
Associate Dean, Executive Education & Partnership, Professor of School of Hotel & Tourism Management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Paper Presentation Session 2
facilitated by:
Mr Emanuel Douglas Donhauser
Chief Academic Officer
Swiss Education Group

Professor Brian King
Associate Dean, Executive Education & Partnership, Professor of School of Hotel & Tourism Management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Who should attend?

* Researchers and educators
* Postgraduate and advanced undergraduate student
* Industry professionals in hospitality, tourism and events

Sponsorship opportunities are now available, click link or email ipoe2016@the-ice.org for details.

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